Our LED lighting case studies show a large range of work and applications covering Industrial Lighting, Oil and Gas LED lighting, commercial LED lighting, and HID replacement.  See how clients have installed LED lighting and how we have worked with them to provide site-specific solutions to meet their needs.

Aircraft Hangar, Calgary International Airport

Industry: Aerospace
An infrastructure team needed to install outdoor lighting to their maintenance hangar’s exterior. Light colour temperature had to be specific as well have versatile angle control so lighting glare would not interfere with other planes on the nearby runway. A light fixture next to a potential vibration area (door motor) could also prove a hindrance to bulb longevity. Outdoor fixture location exposed to a wide temperature range of -40C (-40F) in the winter to peak summer temperatures exceeding 30C (86F). Find out how Nemalux provided solutions for this challenge!

Oil Well Command Centers

Industry: Oil & Gas
Equipment controller cabs require exceptional visibility for both the inside controls as well as exterior activity. With changing light levels during 24/7 operation, cab workers needed light adjustment to achieve optimal monitoring. As outside light reduces with the setting sun, the interior of the cab becomes the brighter light source, limiting the primary field of vision to just within the cab. Learn more about how Nemalux created solutions for this challenge.

NASA Ames Research Center

Industry: Aerospace
One of the more challenging applications for lighting systems is the illumination of confined spaces. Such a challenge was presented to the Nemalux team by members of the NASA Ames Research Center. Built in 1956, the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California is an impressive example of engineering and design. As part of the continuous improvement program, the facility has been testing a variety of LED systems to increase existing light levels, decrease maintenance cost and improve visibility for a wide range of cameras and sensors. Find out how Nemalux was able to help with this project.
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