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Urban planners and social anthropologists alike think of large groups of individuals, such as organizations and cities as a superorganism. Urban metabolism is the new language that describes the urban flows of supplies and waste within a city in terms of biological flows within an organism. In this metaphor, streetlights have metamorphisized to become the nervous system and information backbone of the smart city superorganism. Their ubiquity makes them natural nodes for wireless communication and IoT sensors over the urban landscape.

to true Distributed Intelligence

The Nemalux IntelliPoletakes the smart city concept to the next level. Our innovative Wide Area Neural Network (WANN) architecture pushes the boundary of the superorganism metaphor, creating its sensorimotor system. It combines 1) a network of IntelliPolesincluding: connected lighting, IoT sensors, wireless communications, projector and camera; with 2) Nemacloudsoftware, including: AI, data analytics and recommendation engine; and most importantly, 3) human behavioral feedback from you, the user, and intelligent machine feedback to you, to create next-generation distributed intelligence. This is a new kind of intelligence that will allow organizations and wide area data to merge and work together seamlessly.


IntelliPole – Sensors and Nerve Fibres

The IntelliPoleis the neuron of the Superorganism. It is an outdoor lighting pole designed for the most extreme operating conditions which converges inputs such as IoT sensors, cameras, microphone, and outputs control signals, lighting, audio, video output, and human recommendations. A wireless network of IntelliPolescreate the distributed nervous system, collecting and shuttling vast amounts of data and business intelligence from the sense organs back to the central nervous system for analysis, pattern recognition and ultimately signals for machine control and human language recommendations to optimize the performance of human agents.

IoT – the sense organs

If the IntelliPoleis the neuron, then the IoT sensors provide the Superorganisms its sense organs, detecting aspects of the environment important to the smooth function of your organization. Through connected lighting and a distributed network of sense organs, Nemacloudkeeps its fingers on the pulse of your organization or an entire city.

WANN – the Sensorimotor system of the Superorganism

The reality of many organizations is that both their clients and infrastructure can exist across large spaces that can span an entire city and beyond Timely information collected from an array of IoT, camera and other sensors provide a rich sensory stream of inputs for the Nemacloudbrain to analyze, perform pattern recognition and make heuristic suggestions. The output of Nemacloudbrain is like the body’s motor control system, used to send insights, recommendations and control to streamline your organization’s operations. With Nemacloud, it’s easy to customize your sensor-based IoT network to improve cost efficiency, productivity, and safety across your organization or entire city.

Nemacloud – the Brain of the Smart City

Wireless communications are the nerve fibres carrying all the IoT and camera data from IntelliPoles into Nemacloud, the brain of your superorganism. This is where all the magic happens.  Nemacloudsoftware is the brain that unleashes the power of machine intelligence to create a human-centric HMI paradigm. Powerful algorithms, pattern recognition and data analytics will empower your organization with human-centric automation, and shift the goal post from a smart city, to an intelligent one.

Organizational Benefits

Nemacloud Cloud-based Business Intelligence  

Nemacloud is the brain of your organizational superorganism.

  • Server / cloud-based software
  • Aggregates machine / IoT data across the IntelliPole network with human data from your organization’s Nemacloud intranet
  • Pattern-matches, analyzes and interprets data to deliver realtime insight, reporting, data visualization, control and recommendations across your organization
  • Human behavioral feedback with rich data analytics and data visualization
  • Provides realtime contextualized action and recommendations for each person in your organization to improve their workflow, safety and efficiency
  • Retain and build up your corporate intangible assets such as corporate memory by retaining all web searches and chats surrounding them, and synchronize with your other corporate assets.

A Simple, Scalable Wide Area Solution

With Nemacloud, it’s easy to customize, launch, and expand sensor-based IoT solutions that improve cost efficiency, productivity, and safety across your organization.

  • Monitor all IntelliPole sites in realtime
  • Flexible range of IoT sensors, cameras and other data input devices
  • Optional blockchain control and access of IntelliPole sites
  • Secure with 128 bit encryption
  • City-wide, Hi-speed Wi-Fi or secure cellular IoT communications
  • Synchronize with building automation systems
  • From plantsite to entire city-wide WANN
  • 24 hour surveillance, SCADA with alarm functionality
  • Commercial, industrial or hazardous location options
  • Synchronize organizational Nemacloud installation with city-wide Nemacloud installation
  • Interface to your corporate IT system
  • Multiple security levels

Intelligent recommendations and control 

Control Your Facility from Anywhere  Sensor-based intelligence and detailed reporting offer the insight necessary to identify opportunities for improvement across all aspects of your business. With Nemacloud, you can control lighting and other sensor-based inputs remotely, and ensure that your facility is running 100% efficiency, no matter where you are.

  • Control and optimize facility lighting, HVAC, process and vehicle energy use
  • Geospatial tracking of personnel, vehicles or payloads across your plantsite or across the city
  • Optimize worker performance and workflow
  • Security and hazardous location / safety monitoring
  • Streamline logistics
  • Monitor and maintain peak operating conditions


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