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Nemalux has delivered industrial LED products to +400 customers since 2006. These have included space agencies, refineries, coastal ports, nuclear power plants and international armed forces.  This combined experience allows our team to have a vast knowledge base and an adaptability to find a solution to any scenario.

Following are an overview of the industries we regularly support: Aerospace, Agriculture, Architectural, Automation & Control, Chemical Plants, Construction, Food Processing, Grain Processing, Hazardous Location, Heavy Automotive, High Mast & Stadium Lighting,  Marine, Military, Mining, Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, and Solar Lighting.  Scroll down to see industry details, related products, and relevant case studies. 

If you don’t see your particular industry listed, please send us a Request for Information to see if we can service your industry.


Nemalux’s LED lighting systems can be used for a wide range of aerospace applications. Our products combine the efficiency and long life of LED lights with robust construction suitable for outdoor and hazardous area lighting applications.

Nemalux provides aerospace clients with area & bay lighting for airplane hangars, vibration and heat resistant lighting for engine test facilities, low profile lights for aircraft interiors and a myriad of other functions unique to aerospace. Our established aerospace clients include NASA, Bombardier, WestJet and others.


The agriculture and food industry has numerous applications for LED lighting. Indoor agriculture, urban & indoor greenhouses are an emerging trend in sustainable agriculture.

Indoor growing can use techniques ranging from traditional soil to hydroponics to aeroponics. Water is used much more efficiently and the lack of pests means pesticides are not necessary. LED lighting is one of the critical environmental control. LED luminaires are up to 60 to 70% more efficient than their competitors, HPS lamps.


Lighting is a fundamental component of the modern architectural design. The illumination of a building is a specialization that takes into account the physics of light production and distribution with its aesthetic appeal to those in or outside of the building.

Nemalux’s selection of specification grade color-changing LED lights offers intensely saturated, controllable, light for interior and exterior architectural applications, intricate light shows, large-scale video, and dynamic accent lighting, facades lighting and grazing. Our products offer a wide array of options including a choice of optics for floodlighting or accent lighting; RGB or RGBW color mixing; tunable white light in 3W or 4W version; various mounting options; customized mounting brackets and direct DMX control.

Automation & Control

Nemalux has a broad range of LED lights for automation and machine vision applications. By incorporating a wide variety of CREE and Osram brand LEDs, we can provide customized lighting solutions for a wide range of machine recognition, camera vision, and operator inspection applications as well as LED control panel lighting suitable for any environment. Available wavelength options range from infrared to ultraviolet light.

By choosing a Nemalux solution for their automation and control lighting needs, our clients can integrate the latest innovations in LED lighting with the benefits of robust construction, energy efficiency and low maintenance. Our products are designed and manufactured in North America, allowing for rigorous quality controls and maximum flexibility.

Chemical Plants

Chemical plants require lighting that will work in potentially corrosive atmospheres, extreme climates and areas that contain explosive gas. Nemalux offers standard LED lighting products and custom engineered lighting solutions specifically suited to the chemical industry.

Nemalux’s LED lighting products combine efficiency and long life with robust construction for hazardous areas, emergency lighting, and general indoor or outdoor applications. In comparison to conventional lighting, LED lights provide a higher quality of illumination with lower maintenance requirements.


LED construction lights provide bright, high-quality illumination for all types of construction applications. Workers on a construction site must deal with the elements, the inherent danger of working close to heavy equipment and project deadlines. By improving the quality of light, you improve safety, task performance, and productivity.

Nemalux is experienced in LED construction lighting and offers robust, energy efficient and low-maintenance solutions for our clients’ needs. Regardless of an indoor, outdoor or hazardous location our lights perform in all environments and are designed and manufactured in North America under rigorous quality controls.

Food Processing

In food manufacturing plants, LED luminaires with high CRI allow high fidelity visual inspection of food products while NSF industry approval is required for LED luminaires to operate inside the food industry.

Nemalux’s products combine the efficiency and long life of LED light with robust construction suitable for agricultural, horticultural and food production applications.

Grain Processing

Nemalux’s LED lighting systems provide clear, high-quality illumination and efficiently replaces conventional lighting systems used at grain processing plants. LED lights are low maintenance as there are no light bulbs to change. Nemalux LED lights combine robust fixtures with energy efficiency and an 80% brightness lifespan that exceeds 50,000 hours.

Nemalux provides off-the-shelf products as well as custom engineered lighting solutions. Nemalux products combine the efficiency and long life of LED light with robust construction for hazardous areas, emergency lighting, and general lighting. Lighting fixtures are available with a wide variety of mounting options such as high bay, pole and surface mount. Built-in junction boxes allow for easy access wiring.

Hazardous Location

Many industries require specialized lighting in hazardous areas be it explosion proof, corrosion resistant or for use in areas that require low maintenance and long life lighting.

Nemalux’s products combine the efficiency and long life of LED light with robust construction suitable for hazardous area lighting. Our established clients include Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, Encana, CNRL, NASA, US Navy and more.

Heavy Automotive

Vibration resistant and low voltage Nemalux LED lights make them ideal for all heavy automotive applications. Nemalux has a longstanding history of providing exterior, interior and off-road lighting for trucks and service vehicles.

Our linear LED lights illuminate work spaces inside trucks and operator cabins. For exterior applications, our LED floodlights provide high visibility to work site areas surrounding the trucks, broadening and extending the field of visibility.


Military shelters and infrastructures require lighting that is energy efficient, rugged and able to operate under extreme conditions.

Nemalux LED lighting products cover a broad range of military applications. Our LED lighting can be used for military base parking lots, interior infrastructure lighting, as well as for workshops and vehicle storage. Visual acuity and colour rendering improves with LED lighting. Our engineered LED lighting systems are portable and offer wavelength light specificity including green, red and normal white light.

Our list of clients includes the Government of Canada, NASA, and the US Navy.


Mining operations require lighting that provides visibility, safety and adheres to industry standards. LED lighting improves overall areal perspective and clarity. By enhancing the quality of light, safety and productivity can be improved as well.

Nemalux is well-versed in the mining industry. Our products can be used for operator cabins, emergency lighting systems, service trucks and panel indicators. We offer solutions that suit our clients’ needs.

Nuclear Power

In keeping with the nuclear industry’s elevated quality requirements and dedication to safety, Nemalux has designed and developed LED luminaires that can be used in a nuclear power plant. Our products combine the latest innovations in LED lighting with the benefits of robust construction, energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Using leading edge CREE technology, we offer the nuclear industry highly innovative and customized lighting solutions with the unique advantages of LED lighting systems.

Oil & Gas

Nemalux has combined leading-edge LED technology with engineered industrial lighting fixtures specifically suited for all areas of the oil & gas industry. Our products are engineered to industry standards and an ideal choice for rigs and other applications where fracturing, drilling or pipe-laying is done. Robust construction and rigorous testing of all lighting fixtures ensure that they are suitable for use in hazardous locations, including those which demand explosion-proof lighting.

Our list of distinguished oil & gas clients includes Encana, CNRL, IMW Industries, Sabre, Sanjel, Serva Group, Surefire, Tenaris Algoma, High Arctic Energy Services and Zeton to name a few.

Pulp & Paper

Illuminating a pulp & paper plant requires lighting suitable for potentially hazardous atmospheres, extreme climates, as well as general indoor or outdoor applications.

Nemalux offers standardized LED lighting fixtures and custom engineered lighting solutions. Our LED lights provide reliable, high-quality illumination at a lower operating cost than conventional lighting. Our LED light fixtures combine the efficiency & long life of LED technology with robust packaging suitable for most plants.

Solar Lighting

Nemalux’s solar packages have been used by clients worldwide for a variety of applications including industrial, hazardous area, commercial and remote location lighting. Our complete solar LED lighting systems include solar panels, battery backup, solar regulators, equipment enclosures and system mounting.

Nemalux’s solar LED lighting packages are cost effective solutions for off-grid locations.
These systems can include proprietary microprocessors, a power regulator, motion sensors, supervisory controls and light detectors.

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Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

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We have worked with over 400 groups to provide custom services, and industrial and hazardous location LED lights.  The combined experience of this many projects allows our team to have a vast knowledge base and an adaptability to figure out what you need for your particular application.  Nemalux also an architectural division called Lumenova Design. For industry leading architectural and custom LED lighting solutions, please visit Lumenova Design.

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