Aerospace Lighting Solutions

Luminaires find many custom applications in the aerospace industry because of the extreme operating conditions that aircraft must go through.

For instance, in near-vacuum conditions of some aerospace scenarios, normal grade LED luminaires would overheat. At other times, customers have required luminaires deployed on the launchpad next to the extreme heat generated by rocket engines.

Aerospace LED Lighting - Nemalux

Nemalux has performed custom design for clients like NASA which needed luminaires capable of illuminating rockets. Our normal polycarbonate lens could not withstand the heat near the blast radius of the rocket so we customized the lens by sourcing reflective IR glass to reflect heat and protect the drivers.

Custom lighting solutions such as these demonstrate Nemalux’s engineering capabilities for the toughest industrial applications. We can customize any of our off-the-shelf luminaires to meet your specific application requirements, or we can design a completely new luminaire for your application. If you have a volume requirement for a LED luminaire that does not exist, take advantage of our contract manufacturing services.

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Competitive Advantages

Nemalux has an extensive and growing library of luminaire use cases to help clients find installed applications that match their own and help them with their light decision-making process.

Although Nemalux manufactures world-class industrial lighting products, we distinguish ourselves as a solutions-oriented company. We offer hazardous location and industrial lighting solutions for rail, transport, and tunnels, based on the products we manufacture. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through four pillars: technology, service, lead time, and pricing.


Nemalux offers a broad range of industrial luminaires with unique design features that increase resiliency, lifetime, performance and ease of maintenance. Our luminaires have a wide range of configurable optical profiles and mounting options, making them some of the most versatile in the industry.  Our luminaires meet a broad range of industry certifications including hazardous location Class I, Div 2, Class I, Div 1, DLC, Dark Sky, IP66/67/69, Marine (UL1598A), and NSF. We can cross any major brand to our luminaires.   We also offer a variety of support structures as well as complete turnkey lighting solutions that are ready to install out of the box.

Value-added Services

For clients who do not have their own in-house lighting expertise, we offer complimentary lighting design and layout services. By tuning the optical profiles of our luminaires, we can reduce the luminaire count on your project, saving you up to 30% on costs compared to competitors. Optimum design is important as a poorly designed lighting system suffers the risk not only of underperformance, but overdesign can result in excessive, wasted light output, which over the lifetime of the product, can result in higher energy costs that can exceed the initial capital outlay.

Good design practices are not only ecologically responsible but also save clients considerable time and money. By designing the optimal system to meet the target illumination required, this results in the lowest capital and operational cost over the lifetime of the system.

Other value-added services include uniquely tagging each luminaire to match with the naming convention in the lighting layout diagrams. This ensures efficient placement of the luminaire and avoids confusion when large numbers of luminaires are involved.


Our products go toe-to-toe with the market leaders but are priced at a fraction of the price. If you are working with legacy lighting products and are interested in upgrading, we can cross any competitor’s model to our own. Nemalux solutions provide substantial savings on your purchase without compromising on quality, reliability, lifetime, and performance.

Lead Time

Our lead times are amongst the shortest in the industry. Usually, most off-the-shelf luminaires are shipped in one or two weeks maximum. When you only have a short period of factory downtime to do your maintenance and upgrade, you can rely on us.

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Nemalux EXC series of low profile explosion proof industrial LED luminaire, IP66 and hazardous location class I div 1 and 2 (c1d1,c1d2) approved

The EXC is a Class I Div 1 (Zone 1) luminaire that is ideal for confined space lighting.

Nemalux XCANLED DC Frosted Lens industrial LED luminaire, IP66 and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) rated

The XCAN is a durable, robust industrial lighting solution with a long projected lifespan of 100,000 hours.

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