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In the U.S., power plants are regulated by state and federal laws, which are enforced by agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also enforce workplace safety regulations designed to protect workers at electrical plants and substations. In addition to meeting FERC and OSHA regulations, LED luminaires installed in power stations must also be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and widely varying temperatures without compromising on the quality of the light. Operators look for durability, reliability, ease of installation, minimal maintenance, and energy-efficiency in their lighting systems.

Nemalux Lighting Solutions for Power Plants and Substations

Nemalux offers a number of LED luminaire products that can be employed across electric power plants and substations. Nemalux industrially-hardened LED luminaires can be used in different parts of electrical generation and distribution systems, from the transmission to distribution tower, substation yard, parking lot, maintenance areas, perimeter fencing, etc.

Power substations are a national security asset and yard, parking & perimeter lighting are crucial for security and daily maintenance. Good illumination along perimeters helps security to identify potential trespassers, while good substation yard floodlighting helps electricians with maintenance tasks such as the inspection of power lines, electricity towers transformers, and other substation assets at night. The table below gives some recommended illumination levels for adequate lighting.

Table 1: Power Plant & Substation Lighting

Area Recommended Light Level (Lux.) Description
Outdoor substation 22 National Electrical Safety Code
Maintenance area 100 to 200 For performing maintenance tasks
Entrances, gates and perimeters 30 to 50 Minimum threshold for CCTV camera imaging is 20 to 30 lux. It is safer to add a buffer for adequate image quality.

The Nemalux  MR, XR, and AR series are excellent for outdoor power plant and substation applications. All are rated a minimum of IP66 ingress protection, with triple coating anti-corrosion protection. All of these also meet the Dark Sky (IDA) light pollution environmental standard. Digital inputs allow operators to configure to switch on from a motion sensor output to save intrusion detection whilst conserving power. The MR and XR are good choices for low bay outdoor applications such as perimeter and walkway lighting. They come in a broad range of factory configured illumination levels (MR from 3K to 6K lumens, XR from 8K to 20K lumens), color temperatures, and optical profiles. For long stretches of perimeter lighting, proper lighting layout design along with the choice of the optimal optical profile can save up to 30% on fixture count. For area floodlighting, the AR can output up to 48K lumens in general locations and up to 33K in hazardous locations.  Choosing the right beam pattern from the many optical profiles along with anti-glare optics can achieve very uniform area lighting. All these models come with versatile mounting brackets to optimize the lighting distribution.  A number of pole mounting options are available for all luminaires including articulating, swivel, and straight, fixed pipe.  Fixed pipes range from 8 feet straight, to 40 feet single or double davit, and all the way up to 100 feet for hi-mast floodlighting. Nemalux also offers complete turnkey lighting packages that include luminaire, pole, brackets, and junction box for quick installation. For plants considering upgrading legacy systems or plant expansions, LED luminaires can save up to 90% more energy than the traditional HID lighting solution and can outlast HID products by a factor of four. All of this greatly reduce maintenance and operating cost. The MR is a direct replacement for 75-150 W HID fixtures.

Fluorescent lights have been used in many indoor industrial applications but when they degrade, are plagued by flicker, which causes eye strain. For indoor or outdoor plant lighting, the BL is a flicker-free, direct LED replacement for vapor-tight fluorescent lights. The NL is a flicker-free replacement for regular linear fluorescent fixtures.  The BL is available in 20W and 40W outputs and can be surface-mounted, suspended, or mounted with an optional angle adjustable mount. With a projected lifespan of 60,000 hours and up to 4,400-lumen output, the BL is IP66 rated for indoor and outdoor applications. Marine (UL1598A) and optional CID2 Hazardous Location rating enable use in harsh environments. With its thru-wiring capability, the BL can also be daisy-chained for lighting long runs such as perimeters or long tunnels.

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Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved

The AR has high lumens output and is used for high bay area lighting mounting between 25 and 100 feet above.

Nemalux XR Series industrial LED luminaire, built for area lighting walkways, conveyor belts, platforms and staircases - hazardous location (class I division 2, c1d2 ), marine, Dark Sky and DLC approved

The Nemalux XR is a 8,000 – 20,000 lumen fixture for typical mounting heights of 8′-25′

Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting

The Nemalux MR is a multi-functional luminaire for 8’ to 14’ mounting heights.

High output model of Nemalux BL series linear industrial LED luminaire, marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) approved and replacement for vapour tight fluorescent light

Nemalux BL is a direct replacement for T12 vapor tight fluorescent lamps with convenient thru-wiring allowing daisy-chaining multiple units.

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