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High CRI luminaires NSF Certified for the Food Industry

The food industry has some of the most stringent safety requirements of any industry. This is due to the inherent risk of dealing with large volumes of food product that can be contaminated at any stage of the production process. Any contaminated product that makes it out to the market and results in a publicized health incidence may not only compromise public safety and damage brand reputation, but also exact a heavy economic toll on the manufacturer. Subsequently, the highest standards of cleanliness and safety must be maintained in order to prevent food contamination and this requires constant washdown, sanitation and sterilization of all food processing areas. Needless to say, any equipment operating in these areas must meet be able to withstand the demanding conditions. To be certified for use in the harsh food plant environment, the fixture must endure extremes in heat, humidity, high pressure water jets and caustic cleaning agents. There are also a number of food environments where the fine dust and powder creates an explosion hazard so require hazardous location certification in order to operate.

Nemalux Food Industry Lighting Solutions

Nemalux provides a full line of LED luminaires that can provide a complete solution for lighting a food manufacturing facility, with its many different zones. For processing and Q.C. Inspection, Nemalux offers the NSF-certified AR, meeting NSF-2 for splash and non-food zones. The AR is designed for high bay lighting applications requiring a high lumen output system capable of withstanding exposure to highly contaminated environments and rigorous cleaning routines with high pressure hose and corrosive chemicals.

ARs are factory programmed to offer light outputs ranging from 10,000 to 33,000 lumen for hazardous as well as up to 48,000 lumens in general location applications. Auto-ranging power supplies allow operation on 120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC. Optional 0-10V dimming provides further opportunities for fine-tuned illumination results based on facility and operator preference.

The AR has been successfully used in many food industry environments. Together with the XR, MR and a variety of other Nemalux non-NSF-certified luminaires, the Nemalux family of luminaires can provide a complete lighting solution for NSF-2 zones and Non-NSF zones within a food production facility.

Applications Include:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Food processing locations
  • Meat processing
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Greenhouses
  • Inspection locations
  • Packaging location
  • Cleaning and sanitizing facilities
  • tank farms and refineries
  • Quality control locations
  • Bottling facilities
  • Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Key Features:

  • NSF-51, UL1598, UL 1598A & CSA 22.2 No. 250.0, DLC Listed,
  • IP66/67 rated
  • Class 1 Division 1 Lighting and Division 2 Hazardous Location Certified
  • Industrial design prevents accumulation of debris
  • Triple-coated, biocide resistant powder coating
  • CRI: 70, CRI of 90+ available for processing and Q.C.
  • Multiple Light Distribution Patterns
  • IDA Dark Sky approved
  • Marine Location (ABS lighting) certified
  • Robust Housing – suitable for the Most Challenging Locations


The NSF-certified AR fixture can deliver over 33,000 lumens in a streamlined luminaire.  The AR is 100% field serviceable parts, has a high CRI, and has an energy efficient design.

The AR has five different mounting styles, over 20 optics options, multiple colour temperatures, ability to dim and two input voltage options for maximize flexibility. This provides the opportunity to tailor each fixture to fit a range of applications.

High CRI Lighting

The Nemalux AR NSF-certified luminaire provides exceptional performance in the harsh environment of a food processing location. Optional high Colour Rendering Index LEDs give personal the ability to discern true colors and identify product imperfections with a high degree of accuracy, critical for proper quality control. AR high mast fixtures with the high CRI option provide 90+ CRI lighting across a large area. With the ability to quickly examine production across a facility, fewer mistakes will be made, your sensors can become more efficient, and your staff will pick up on more errors before they happen.

With a range of light temperatures from 2,700 to 8,000 kelvin and a maximum lumen output of 33,000, the AR can meet all needs of the processing floor.

Multiple Certifications to Meet every Food Industry Lighting Application

Nemalux LED luminaires  are used across the food industry. The large range of certifications ensures that end users can always find at least one Nemalux luminaire that meets a location’s specific lighting requirements.

  • NSF-51, UL1598, UL 1598A & CSA 22.2 No. 250.0, DLC Listed,
  • IP66/67 rated
  • Class 1 Division 1 Lighting and Division 2 Hazardous Location Certified
  • IDA Dark Sky approved
  • Marine Location (ABS lighting) certified

Hazardous location lighting is required for food industry areas such as grain silos where airborne dust constitutes an explosion hazard Dark Sky certification is required for staging and raw product yards where large volumes of fruits or vegetables may be stored outdoors. The ABS rating is required when the housing and the internal LED’s must withstand corrosion, bio-cides and short-term immersion in water.

Multiple Optical Beam Patterns & Mounting Options

The AR, XR and MR family of luminaires are designed with maximum flexibility in mind, with multiple optical beam pattern and mounting options to meet any possible lighting scenario. This flexibility prevents the costly problem of stocking many different types of spares.

Wide range of mounting options allow the installation of the AR as a wall pack, pole mounted as well as high bay LED light. Factory tunable power supplies allow the implementation of a tailored lumen package without the need for additional on-site dimming controls.

Food and Beverage customers can rely on our skilled design team to support lighting upgrades with professional and complementary lighting design services, full access to specialty installation brackets as well as pre-assembled kits to simplify the upgrade process. The AR, MR and XR models all have options for wall mounts, yoke mounts and pendant mounts making it a flexible install no matter where you need lighting. After securing the luminaire with the right mount and housing, the lighting profile can be tuned to your needs by configuring the optimal optical beam pattern. Facilities requiring uniform light levels can implement VSM optics on the AR series, creating an environment with high visual comfort and effective means of combating personnel fatigue. Improved productivity and on-site safety have shown strong correlation to uniform illumination and should be a major consideration during the lighting design stage.

Unique Industrial Design Prevents Biofouling

The AR was specifically designed to ensure that there are no pooling points or other locations that will lead to excessive bacterial build-up or fouling. Considerations have been given to minimum slope to all surfaces for quick drainage during cleaning and ensuring that there are no tight corners that will hold onto water. With a sloped design that has no sharp corners, any liquids that drip onto the fixture or spray from cleaning drains off quickly and the fixture rapidly dries off preventing excessive bacterial growth. Because the luminaires are hotter than the environment, condensation forming on the luminaire itself is not a concern. The AR also uses an anti-fouling coating that supports the prevention of contaminants from adhering to the aluminum housing. Using a low surface-energy coating that was designed to reduce the ability of spray-paints to stick and withstand regular cleaning with a range of aggressive cleaning chemicals. AR’s are designed with few crevices, ensuring food or other debris cannot adhere to the surface.

Food Industry Hardened Coating

Nemalux luminaries are certified for the toughest environments the food industry has to offer. One of the reasons is the powder coatings we have, from vibration resistant coatings, to corrosion resistance that will protect against cleaning acids. Then, our fixture housings are engineered for extremes of heat, pressure washing, and humidity levels.

Careful design will save you money in the short and long term. Since components burn out less often, maintenance is reduced. The high efficiency means your energy bill is substantially lower and you won’t have to worry about the bottom line.

Thermal Design

Even though LED luminaires are many times more efficient than incandescent bulbs, any process that converts electricity into light generates some waste heat. To deal with the cooling issue, Nemalux engineers designed a housing that radiates heat quickly away from the LED. Additionally,  the light engine electronics is optimized to use a low amount of energy while still producing a bright light beam. This design will produce 140 lumens per watt of energy.

Careful design will save you money in the short and long term. Since components burn out less often, maintenance is reduced. The high efficiency means your energy bill is substantially lower and you won’t have to worry about the bottom line.

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