Marine Lighting

Industrial Lighting Applications for Wet & Marine Environments 

Marine applications require lighting equipment that can withstand harsh aqueous and atmospheric saltwater corrosion. Nemalux marine-grade luminaires have the same rugged industrial design as other units, but carry additional corrosion protection specifically for the marine environment.  Nemalux luminaires are compliant with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standard and are approved for use in the most demanding exterior lighting marine environments including docks, marine vessels, offshore drilling rigs, platforms and other marine applications. Triple coated powder coating, along with stainless steel mounting hardware help it to resist marine corrosion while advanced optics provide the highest quality illumination.

One of the most outstanding ABS approved luminaires is the GS linear model. The GS’s unique design makes it one of the only linear models able to qualify for the ABS standard. Linear luminaires are notoriously difficult to achieve ABS rating because the different materials used in their construction have different coefficients of thermal expansion. This mismatch in a long body creates gaps which compromise ingress protection. The GS’s unique design prevents these gaps from forming, even with different materials. This has allowed the GS linear to be IP68, 69 and ABS compliant, and be spec’ed into unique marine and underwater locations such as along docks, offshore platforms and walkway/ground lighting. The GS opens up whole new worlds of application. For instance, with the GS, suddenly, underwater fountain illumination is no longer restricted to just spotlights.

Marine Applications Include:

  • Coastal Oil & Gas production facilities, oil rigs, production platforms, crude oil facilities
    • Includes both hazardous location and American Bureau of Shipping approvals
  • Port terminal facilities
    • crane, catwalk, conveyor, walkway and building lighting.
    • Models: AR, RS, MR
    • Replacements for:
      • 75WMH
      • HPS to 1000W MH
      • HPS
  • Coastal chemical plants
    • Includes both hazardous location and American Bureau of Shipping approvals
  • Port shipping container yards
    • Shipping containers stacked many storeys high in terminals require high mast pole lighting at heights of 100 feet and greater require uniform illumination that casts the minimum amount of shadows. RS model has remote power supply option for easy serviceability at bottom of the mast.
    • Models: AR, RS, ZLM
    • Replacements for:
      • 400 to 1000W MH or HPS
  • Shipping vessel
    • Exterior, interior, above deck or below deck
    • Resistant to saltwater corrosion, constant vibration, extreme weather, mechanical impact
    • Models: AR, NL, GS, RS
    • Replacement for: 75W to 1000W HPS, MH
      • T12, T8, T5, 1,2,4 lamp liners
      • 75w HPS, MH –
  • Nonpotable water treatment plant


  • Designed for harsh locations, extreme water resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Thermally managed for maximum longevity
  • American Shipping Bureau approved for marine applications
  • Hazardous location approved
  • IP68 approved
  • Special triple powder coated for extreme resistance to salt water corrosion
  • Multiple models available
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Vented enclosure ensures long-term reliability
  • 0-10v dimming
  • Extended temperature range
  • 5 year warranty

Custom OEM capabilities:
Nemalux is capable of providing special potting services to customers who have extreme encapsulation applications such as submersible lighting applications.

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Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, built for industrial walkways, conveyor belts, platforms and staircases. Certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting c/w Slip Fitter Yoke Mount (MR-SFY)

MR Series3,000-6,000 lumens, C1D2, c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT  (MR-SFY): 6.55 kg | 14.7 lbs | Mounting Height of 8′ to 12′

Nemalux XR Series industrial LED luminaire, built for area lighting, walkways, platforms, conveyor belts, and staircases - hazardous location (class I division 2, c1d2 ), marine, Dark Sky and DLC approved c/w slip fitter yoke mount

XR Series8,000–20,000 lumens,  C1D2 c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT (XR-SFY): 10.05 kg | 22.1 lbs | Mounting heights of 8′ to 25′

Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved c/w slip fitter yoke mount (AR-SFY)

AR Series10,000–50,000 lumens, C1D2 c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT (AR-SFY): 18.35 kg | 40.3 lbs | Mounting heights of 25′ to 100′

Nemalux GS Series Low Profile Linear LED Luminaire ideal for control panel lighting with low voltage DC as well as AC , class I div 2 (c1d2) c/w adjustable mounting bracket

GS-AC Series500 to 2,000 lumen, 120 VAC linear luminaire for marine and C1D2 location use | 4 Lengths: 15.5″, 26.5″, 37.5″, 48.5″

Yoke mount Nemalux BL series linear industrial LED luminaire, marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) approved and replacement for vapour tight fluorescent light

BL Series2,000 to 4,000 lumen, C1D2, 120-277 VAC c/w YOKE MOUNT (BL-YM): 3.3 kg | 7.2 lbs | Length: 18.43″

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