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Industrial Lighting Applications for Mining

Nemalux lighting applications are designed for underground environments. With customizable light beam profiles and a variety of applications, Nemalux can deliver a beam profile to identify tripping hazards, find ore up a working face, or detect interesting features on a conveyor belt. At the same time, our applications are durable, as they are rated for any situation a mine could encounter.

Lighting is critical in mines, as staff relies upon the correct light profile to avoid physical hazards and other dangers. As a carefully crafted beam profile can increase productivity in open mines, it can also improve perception in underground mines. By focusing the tuned portable light beam on a working face, you will allow miners to improve coal or ore shearing.

Conveyor belts can also be a source of danger underground, without appropriate lighting. Our MR application can reduce glare and improve illumination. On top of that, you could be able to replace two fluorescent applications with one class 1 div 1 or div 2 LED application. After installation, the detection of splices and other interesting features will be made more effective with our type 1 customized beam profile.

Nemalux Hazardous Location LED LIght Advantages

  • C1 D2 ratings
  • IP68 approved
  • Vibration Resistant
  • AC or DC inputs
  • No UV or IR radiation
  • Low power requirements
  • LM-80 Rated for 100,000 hours +
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in under two weeks
  • Improve circadian rhythms and reduce sickness.

Hazardous Location LED Lighting

Many of our applications meet class 1 division 1 lighting and class 1 division 2 lighting standards, along with explosion-proof, ABS Lighting standards, our lighting applications are rated for emplacement on towers area illumination. We have mounted focuses them on cranes for focused lighting, and some applications are designed to brighten shaker tables, in order to improve the effectiveness of gravity concentration. Our range of beam profiles and applications make industrial enclosures safe bright, enhancing safety.


Our LED applications are designed for long term use, in some cases up to 100,000 hours. With their modular design, with maintenance in mind, inspecting the fixtures is simpler, reducing maintenance hours to a minimum. On top of that, the applications come with a variety of adjustable mounts, with environment-specific light beam profiles and engineered heat control. Installing Nemalux industrial lighting applications will make your mine more effective and safer.


Nemalux applications are IP68 rated Class 1 Div 2 led lighting, making them water-resistant. As many mines have moisture issues, applications that will not be easily damaged by humidity are necessary. Marine-grade lighting applications, that are extremely water-resistant, can also be provided if necessary.

Durable lighting applications are needed for any industrial lighting situation. Our hazardous location led lights are designed to withstand damp, underground, corrosive locations, maximizing safety. Our applications can come explosion-proof, providing the security needed in case of an incident.

Conveyor Belt Hazardous Location Lighting

Our MR light applications will perform well on your conveyor belts. With the MR’s Type 1 beam profile, we are able to reduce the number of applications and improve the illumination on any conveyor belt. The same applications will minimize glare, allowing for safer environments, and improve visual identification of all sorts, including moving objects

With the triple powder coating, the low profile, and our engineers, you will have a highly durable application for your mining needs. You will spend less on the installation and energy costs while improving safety with our MR applications.

Nemalux Mining C1D2 Light Locations

  • Light towers for area Illumination
  • Mining equipment to illuminate perimeters
  • Modular buildings to illuminate interiors
  • Crane lighting with high intensity, narrow beams
  • Shaker table illumination for gold mines
  • Linear lighting in uranium mines


The MR is a unique multi-functional, feature rich light fixture based on our rigorous design, prototyping, testing and refinement process. Using industry leading manufacturing practices, our engineers and industrial designers were able to produce a fixture that not only exceeds the expectations of an HID replacement, but establishes a new benchmark in versatility for industrial LED lighting.

LS (Light Stringer)

Nemalux designed the LS for temporary applications for harsh and hazardous locations. The LS series LED fixture is a multi-head lighting stringer built for customizable lengths and LED units. Nemalux recognized and understood that in rugged use, the cord is one of the most common points of failure.

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