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Oil and Gas Industrial Lighting Solutions

Nemalux’s lighting applications are designed to increase productivity, safety, and reduce long term costs. Every application has been field-tested and engineered to ABS Lighting and Hazardous Location Lighting specifications.

All Nemalux applications reduce long term costs by emitting low amounts of heat, using low voltages, and being vibration resistant. Along with our Class 1 Division 2 lighting specifications, these qualities make Nemalux applications ideal for trucks and other service vehicles, as well as on and offshore drilling rigs.

Our enclosures are safe because they are explosion-proof and are designed to prevent overheating in hazardous location lighting environments. We will enhance that by doing lighting evaluations to ensure there are no lighting dangers on the perimeter or in commonly used areas.

Productivity is enhanced through flexible beam profiles that mitigate excessive light spillage, following dark skies standards. With dark skies standards, you can reduce glare, eliminate light trespass, while lighting areas at need. We also ensure that dimming features can assist your staff in maintaining their natural circadian clock, reducing fatigue.

Nemalux Hazardous Location LED Lighting Advantages

  • Durable exterior rated powder coating.
  • Completely field serviceable
  • Multiple beam profiles offered
  • Class 1 Division 1 lighting rated
  • IDA Dark Sky approved
  • Robust housings, suitable for the roughest locations
  • NSF lighting rated for controlled environments
  • Explosion and High PSI Ratings
  • No arcing, sparking, or high-temperature components

Enclosure Hazardous Location Lighting

Our GS series of lighting applications are a solution to dim interior panels. With poor lighting in a small, enclosed space mistakes are easy to make, especially at night. Nemalux applications offer several characteristics to make maintenance easier. The GS series is small, with a minimum size of 15.5 inches, so it can be installed anywhere and/or used portably. With impact resistance and full cut off lighting, it will direct light where you want for up to 60,000 hours.

As with all Nemalux applications, the light beam can be precisely modified for need, from focusing the light beam to choosing which colour of light is best suited. With harsh location design, the GS applications ensure that all gauges sharing an enclosure can be troubleshot and read without issue.

Oil and Gas hazardous location lighting

Nemalux Hazardous Location LED lights are designed to be used up and down stream. They can be installed safely on drilling rigs, or used in the field by exploration. They have been installed on compressor buildings and in modular buildings on site. Nemalux Applications can be used for any lighting need in Oil and Gas.

  • The top and mast of drilling rigs
  • Illuminated mudtanks
  • Compressor buildings
  • During Cleaning of Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Tank Farms and Refineries
  • Control Cabins
  • Flood Lighting
  • High Mast Applications
  • Rail Yards
  • Conveyor chute lighting
  • Vehicle Repair Bays
  • Machine Vision
  • Emergency Egress Pathways
  • Transportation Tunnels


The MR is a unique multi-functional, feature rich light fixture based on our rigorous design, prototyping, testing and refinement process. Using industry leading manufacturing practices, our engineers and industrial designers were able to produce a fixture that not only exceeds the expectations of an HID replacement, but establishes a new benchmark in versatility for industrial LED lighting.


The XCANLEDDC LED floodlight is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours. This fixture has many industrial applications and is approved for hazardous locations. The XCANLED-DC floodlight is designed for high brightness ambient lighting applications.

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