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Oil and Gas Industrial Lighting Solutions

The Oil & Gas industry is critical to the lifeblood of the modern world, providing the solid, liquid and gasous fossil fuel energy to power it. At the same time, it is also one of the world’s most dangerous industry’s, where an explosion can happen at any place or time along the vast supply chain Industrial society depends on controlled combustion a form of controlled explosion where the energy is harnessed in a safe manner. Unintended combustion, however is something that is destructive and to be prevented. Safe production is the only viable production in this industry but as a recent ISHN report shows, safety is often compromised on a worksite.   

Nemalux luminaires are designed for operation in hazardous locations in Oil & Gas, petrochemical and other industries. All luminaire models are available in class I div 2 and class II div 2 hazardous location certification with numerous safety-enhancing features such as increased fin spacing designed to dissipate heat safely to maintain low operating temperature and to prevent case debris buildup, ultra-efficient secondary optics and light engine, and thermal management of drivers which only allow operation at optimal power levels well below maximum ratings to prevent overheating.  

The O+G supply chain is vast, and there is a diverse range of harsh environmental conditions that often accompany the risk of igniting a flammable material including outdoor wind and rain (refineries and plants, drilling rigs, offshore, pipeline), caustic marine environment (terminals, ports, ships and offshore rigs), excess vibration (drilling rigs, compressor stations, vehicles), grime, oil and dirt (all facilities) to name a few. New environmental standards such as Dark Sky are also becoming increasingly relevant for outdoor applications such as refineries or remote drilling rigs. Nemalux luminaires are designed and certified to operate in all these conditions. Nemalux manufactures hazardous location luminaires for upstream, midstream and downstream applications. 


Exploration & Drilling

High lumens luminaires such as the AR or ZLM, are ideal for high mast applications such as drilling towers. The ZLM design employs active ventilation to reduce its weight, giving it one of the lighting industrys’ highest lumens / pound ratios. The ZLM comes as a general location single, double or quad, and these can be stacked together as well. A single weighs 10kg and outputs 28,840 lumens (IESNA type 2), double weighs 20kg and outputs 57,680 lumens (IESNA type 2) and a quad weights 40 kg and outputs 115,350 lumens (IESNA type 2).  Along with very directional optics for concentrated illumination. It is ideal for use in high mast, area lighting on mobile, remote drilling rigs. The low weight/high lumens ZLM is easily raised to the top of the lightweight tower for wide area lighting. For maintenance, it is easily lowered to the ground where it can be serviced.  Where a more permanent hazardous location approved lighting solution is required and where luminaire weight is not a issue, the AR class I div 2 luminaire weighs 16.4 kg and outputs 31,670 lumens (IESNA type 2). If no optics is required and general location, the AR-H-Gen can output 48,940 lumens (IESNA type 2).

Source: By Joshua Doubek - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27296177

Temporary Shelters

The BL is a replacement for vapour tight fluorescent lights that can be used for temporary shelter lighting. Its wire-thru capability allow multiple units to be strung together in a long line. 


Tank Storage

Nemalux hazardous location certified luminaires are ideal for illuminating tank top staircases. Solar lighting packages are also available.

Tank Top Platform Lighting 

Staircases and walkways lead to the top of the tank, where regular visual inspection and other maintenance duties are necessary to ensure the safe operation of each tank. Nemalux offers a variety of tank top lighting systems with options of custom solar power design with the GS DC linear luminaire, or for non-solar applications, the MR or EXC.  

Walkways & Staircases

Nemalux luminaires find many applications on tank farms. Each storage tank in a tank farm has walkways and staircases that require illumination for safe nighttime access. The MR  is an ideal luminaire for such applications. It is rated Class I Div 2 and is ideal for low bay applications mounting at heights of 8 feet or less, with versatile optical profiles and mounting options to reduce the cost of sparing. Nemalux also offers a variety of support structures to enable mounting the MR onto the walkway including swivel poles, straight poles, articulated support (ARTSU), and handrail mount to fit every walkway possibility. 

Area Lighting 

Large yards in tank farms can be illuminated with the MR or the AR high bay luminaire flooding the yard and tank farm auxiliary buildings can be illuminated with XR-20 high bays inside or flood light tilted outside the building. 

Compressor & Pipeline

Custom LED Lighting Solutions - Nemalux

The GS-DC series of linear luminaires allow mounting in walkways and for low voltage control and distribution panels (DC model).  

lighting application of Nemalux CANLED industrial LED luminaire, IP66 and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) rated

The XCANLED series is used extensively in compressor station applications, where it was interfaced to a custom control panel that changed colors of the luminaire to alert persons of an H2S alarm. XCANLEDs have also been used to replace High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps in remote compressor applications. 




Refineries have a significant number of walkways, staircases, catwalks, and platforms, both interior and exterior that require safe, industrially robust, hazardous location lighting. For refineries, the new generation of class I div 2 (zone 2) certified MR (low bay)XR (marine), and AR (high bay) series are designed for maximum versatility, including multiple optical profiles and mounting options that allow for maximum spacing of luminaires and reducing the number of luminaires required to achieve target illumination levels for walkways It is not uncommon to save on 30% of required luminaires by choosing the correct optical profile.  

Each luminaire’s multiple mounting options are further enhanced by Nemalux’s family of luminaire structural support systems, enabling mounting on articulated support (Artsu), swivel pole, straight pole, or handrail.  

Turnkey walkway lighting system 

Using Nemalux structural support systems, plant operators can purchase complete turnkey lighting systems. With complimentary lighting studies for the refinery, operators can install their turnkey hazardous location lighting system right out of the box, dramatically reducing onsite installation and maintenance costs. For more on use cases, click here.

Vapor tight fluorescent Tube Replacement with BL 

The BL is a replacement for vapour tight fluorescent lights in refinery applications such as catwalks and perimeter lighting. 

Class I Div 1 Confined Space Lighting with EXC 

The EXC is certified to Class I Div 1 and with lighting levels suitable for use in confined space applications such as manholes.  

mlti-optical pattern Nemalux industrial luminaires such as the MR series can significant reduce the cost of industrial walkway lighting. By choosing the correct optical profile, distance between luminaires can be increased significantly, reducing the number of luminaires required to illuminate the walkway
Ports, terminals, wharfs and docks all benefit from Nemalux marine rated luminaires

Ports and Terminals 

For marine applications, many Nemalux luminaires meet the UL 1598A marine certification but the GS, NL and Aare also certified to ABS marine rating. The AR is fabricated using marine-grade aluminum alloy housing with a polycarbonate lens form the external components of the AR case. Ingress Protection levels of IP66 / 67 enable high-pressure washdowns while the use of a pressure equalization membrane allows for dramatic altitude and humidity changes without stressing electronic components. 

A multilayer anti-graffiti powder coat prevents degradation of the alloy while allowing deployment in corrosive, outdoor, and indoor locations.

Competitive Advantages

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Nemalux has an extensive and growing library of luminaire use cases to help clients find installed applications that match their own and help them with their light decision-making process.  

Although Nemalux manufactures world-class industrial lighting products, we distinguish ourselves as a solutions-oriented company. We offer hazardous location lighting solutions to O+G industry lighting problems, based on the products we manufacture. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through four pillars: technology, service, lead time, and pricing. 

Value-added Services  

For clients who do not have their own inhouse lighting expertise, we offer complementary lighting design and layout services. This is important as a poorly designed lighting system suffers the risk not only of under performance, but overdesign can result in excessive, wasted light output, which over the lifetime of the product, can result in higher energy costs that can exceed the initial capital outlay. Good design practices are not only ecologically responsible but also save clients considerable time and money. By designing the optimal system to meet the target illumination required, this results in the lowest capital and operational cost over the lifetime of the system.  

When we work with clients on a large lighting installation, we generate unique labels and tags for each luminaire that match with the naming convention in the lighting layout diagrams. This ensures efficient placement of the luminaire and avoids confusion when large numbers are involved. 


Our products go toe-to-toe with the market leaders, but are priced at a fraction of the price. If you are working with legacy lighting products and are interested in upgrading, we can cross any competitor’s model to our own. Nemalux solutions provide substantial savings on your purchase without compromising on quality, reliability, lifetime and performance. 

Lead Time 

Our lead times are amongst the shortest in the industry. Usually, most off-the-shelf luminaires are shipped in one or two weeks maximum. 

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