RSLED HazLoc – The New Industrial Lighting Standard

In the past, LEDs have thought of as cheap and more suited for non-demanding, everyday uses. That is simply no longer the case. The oil & gas sector and many other heavy duty industries are now turning their attention to LED Lights as viable and often more cost effective option.

Nemalux is a Calgary based pioneer in the LED industry. Nemalux specialize in custom LED lighting and are singularly adept in designing and implementing customized solutions that have consistently met the diverse needs of our clients. Our Products have been used by thousands of industrious people along international ports and integrated hazardous locations. Improved the lives and increased the safety of industrial operators while even lifting eyebrows at NASA. Our latest product is bound to raise a few eyebrows more.

Nemalux LED Lighting brings you the one of a kind, Rising Sun (RSLED).  A high quality LED fixture that’s rugged and ready for thousands of applications in the field. The RSLED is an industrial; water tight (IP65), hazardous location Class 1, Division 2 or general location approved area light. This robust luminaire is designed to outperform a 400 Watt, metal halide fixture in brightness while consuming only half the power. The RSLED is made for heavy-duty demands and can be installed on a pole or surface mount and can also be used for high bay applications, work sites, cranes, architecture, street illumination and portable generator lighting. Various optic widths and colour temperatures are available to create any customized solution.

Technically, one would be hard pressed to find a more versatile and sturdy LED Fixture: The RSLED was designed as a product for use in many international hazardous locations. The specific approval organizations include IEC, UL and CSA. It has an input voltage range of 24VDC, 90-528VAC and 127-390VDC. The RSLED has low bay, surface mount and pole mount lighting configurations and comes in a 10,000 or 21,000 lumen setting. The fixture optical control includes multiple narrow and wide beam configurations. Also, the 24VDC RS version is ideal for solar power application or automotive applications.

Nemalux’s LED lighting products are robustly designed and rigorously tested. Our products are suitable for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications including hazardous locations and even those which require explosion-proof fixtures. Safety isn’t something you compromise. Our Canadian manufactured and tested quality assures you a product that delivers performance, consistency and peace of mind.

Certifications include but are not limited to:

  • Class I Division II Groups ABCD T3C;
  • Class II & Class III, Div. I & II, Groups EFG T3C;
  • Class I Zone 2 EX/AEx nA IIB+H2 T3;
  • Class II Zone 20 EX/AEx nA IIB+H2 T3;
  • IP65
  • -40~+55ºC Operating Temperature Range
  • VAC: 90-277 VAC | HDC: 120-390VDC | 347: 347-477VAC
  • 24VDC Input available for solar applications
  • EMC Certification in accordance with IEC CISPR15 tested and certified to 300 MHz available.

Unsure what you need? No problem! To discuss any of the products listed below, assess your requirements or get a quote from a qualified lighting expert, please call or e-mail Nemalux:

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