Contract Manufacturing for Industrial Bulbs

*Customized bulbs are designed and commissioned based on individual project detail

Key Features

  • Custom Wavelength
  • Engineered Spectrums
  • Customized Wattage
  • Extreme Environments
  • High Reliability
  • Wide voltage input range

Nemalux welcomes low volume, specialized bespoke applications and handles all inquiries on a case-by-case basis for feasibility.

Many LED lamp providers use LEDs that are packaged inside a plastic housing to reduce cost, with the LED attached to the housing using glue. However, plastic housings are inferior thermal conductors and contribute to unnecessary heat build-up. They are also known to lose their optical reflectivity when exposed to the high light levels inside modern-day LEDs. As a result, the plastic discolors and degrades, resulting in rapid lumen depreciation. Nemalux uses LEDs that are packaged inside a ceramic housing, with the LED soldered to the housing base. The ceramic base and solder connection make for a better thermal conductor, drawing heat away from the LED and thus extending life. It is also not prone to damage from high light levels. As a result, the ceramic housing and base degrade at a much slower rate than a plastic package, which helps significantly preserve long-term lumen maintenance.

Our patent-pending driver technology includes innovative adaptable software. Our Software stabilizes lamp input power by identifying the type of transformer running the lamp and then making adjustments according to the transformer type. Real-time algorithms constantly monitor the input power signals. Any flickering, jittering or other noise is removed in real-time by the advanced driver software inside the lamp. This unique and proprietary circuitry enables Nemalux lamps to work in more fixtures and reduces flicker by keeping the light output stable in the presence of electrical noise. Smooth Dimming to Nearly 1% In addition to greater fixture compatibility with less flicker, our adaptable software adjusts to jitter and shifts power away from the LEDs for smooth dimming to nearly 1% of full light levels. This allows for the creation of lower-level lighting scenes while providing additional energy savings. Industry Leading Lumen Output Advanced thermal monitoring circuitry protects the lamp from overheating, while enabling maximum lumen output.

Nemalux has the flexibility to handle small production runs and the experience, infrastructure, and supply chain to handle large ones numbering in the tens of thousands of units or more. Nemalux works with clients to develop lighting models for the specified applications. Detailed renderings of products and light studies assure requirements are met prior to prototyping.  After prototyping, measured performance is compared to lighting models and any differences are noted and fed back into the iterative design process for design refinement. For more complex bespoke designs, the prototype stage is important to validate that the client’s design actually meets all its specified design objectives. This is especially important when dealing with operating a luminaire within a novel and extreme environmental parameters that have not been implemented before. We work with you to build a working prototype that incorporates as many of the novel final functions as possible. Features that Nemalux has high confidence of working in the final production model are not tested at this stage and merely incorporated in the standard industrial design phase. Take advantage of our years of manufacturing expertise, global lighting supply chain, and industrial design knowledge of extreme environments to tailor a bespoke solution for your application. If you are ready to inquire, fill out our detailed custom lighting design form.

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Nemalux offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services. Simply send us your idea, napkin drawings, or working files and we will do the rest.

Our services include:

  •  Short or long-term overmolding services
  • Quality control testing
  • Delivery of finished product
  • Expert Oversight
  • Product certification management
  • Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design
  • Labeling, Packaging, and Shipping