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The Muffler Ornamental Pole features one mounting location for luminaires (additional mounting bracket required) and is available in heights ranging from 16-20 ft.

Key Features


  • The shaft is fabricated from round steel pipe.
  • Full-length longitudinal submerged-arc weld ground smooth providing a uniform taper.
  • Standard termination is a 2-7/8″ x 4″ tenon.

Anchor Base

  • The anchor base is fabricated from structural steel and is circumstantially welded inside and outside to the pole shaft.

Hand Hole

  • Supplied with a 4” x 7” hand hole opening and a weather proof cover. A ground lug is welded inside the shaft accessible from the hand hole opening.


  • The standard finish is 2C polyurethane or hot dipped galvanized.


Specification Sheets

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