Photoreactor Test Chamber

*Customized photoreactors are designed and commissioned based on individual project detail

*Photoreactor on UV range

The Nemalux Industrial test chamber technology multi-tasks to effectively and continuously test different wavelengths. Our test chambers can be equipped with specific wavelengths or combinations of wavelengths to test different samples. Some research examples include germination, root growth, petri dish samples, etc.

Nemalux UV Photoreactor Chambers are able to test the prevention and spread of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, and mildew). If individuals on an industrial site require shared equipment, keys, or tools, the Nemalux UV Chambers can minimize the chance of a company-wide infection.

  • Any LED wavelength is available
  • UV wavelengths kills viruses and pathogenic organisms in a recommended five minutes and eliminates the requirement for chemical disinfectants.
  • Rugged shelving supports heavy items
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel chamber
  • Customizations are available.
  • Easy-to-use, one-button operation
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance

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