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Our LED lighting case studies show a large range of work and applications covering Industrial Lighting, Oil and Gas LED lighting, commercial LED lighting, and HID replacement.  See how clients have installed LED lighting and how we have worked with them to provide site-specific solutions to meet their needs.

Lighting Upgrades for Walkways, Catwalks, Platforms & Staircases in Industrial Facilities

Industry: Industrial
This article will address the specific use of secondary optics as well as support structures that can provide desirable illumination results while reducing cost as a major obstacle for new projects as well as retrofits.

Where can Nemalux luminaires be used in the Food Industry?

Industry: Industrial
Nemalux’s LED lights cover a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry. Food facilities are diverse and each one can house a variety of different environments within the same building.

Conveyor Belt LED Lighting Solutions

Industry: Industrial
Having spent the last two decades on some of the toughest industrial sites in Northern Canada, our team has frequently been asked to address challenges related to conventional HID as well as some newer generation LED lights when used as Conveyor Belt Lights.

Reasons for upgrading to LED lighting

Industry: Industrial
There are a number of major reasons why LED luminaires will outperform legacy lighting systems
Source: By Scan made by Kogo - Bibliothek allgemeinen und praktischen Wissens für Militäranwärter Band III, 1905 / Deutsches Verlaghaus Bong & Co Berlin * Leipzig * Wien * Stuttgart, Public Domain,

A Brief History of Mining and Safe Lighting

Industry: Industrial
The mining industry has a very intimate relationship with safe lighting. Mining, especially traditional underground mining, is the one industry that depends critically on lighting both for safety and on its very existence.

Illumination of Rail Yards and Intermodal Shipping Facilities

Industry: Industrial
If your business has a complexity of facility upgrades and poor light quality for operations, safety, and security. Nemalux Industrial can greatly improve the illumination of rail yards and intermodal shipping facilities.

LED Replacement Options for Conventional HPS or MH Fixtures

Industry: Industrial
Simplified charts to provide LED replacement options for conventional HPS or MH fixtures can support project implementation when lighting design services are unavailable.

Nemalux Research - Introduction to LED UV Effectiveness in Germicidal Disinfection

Industry: Industrial
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that UV light to destroy or disrupt the life cycle of microorganisms.

Nemalux Product Spotlight - The CN Tower

Industry: Industrial
Industrial and extreme locations can be found right in the middle of your city! This time the extreme site was 1,815 feet high where freezing rainstorms and hail wreak havoc. Wind speeds are often 100 km per hour, and an object can reach up to 195 km per hour, falling from this height.

The Story Behind The Nemalux Logo: Our Brand History

Industry: Industrial
Everyone likes a good story. Did you know our logo has a technical background?

Nemalux Research - Encapsulation and Immersion Testing

Industry: Industrial
Industrial LED Research Case Study: Nemalux LED luminaire was designed and tested to carry out IP68 ratings for permanent submersion at depths of up to 4m safely.

Customized Luminaire created for the City of Calgary Transit Priority Program

Industry: Industrial
The City required a bus light indicator that could be implemented easily in the field with minimal time and labor investment. Previously the indicator lights were made on-site and modifications to signal cabinets were required to make them work.

Hazardous Location vs. Industrial Grade Luminaire

Industry: Industrial
Choosing Industrial Grade products that consist of suitable components and are designed to withstand harsh environmental challenges is key. With so many vendors in the marketplace, there is a bewildering array of luminaires available and selecting a suitable supplier can quickly become a tedious process.


Industry: Research & Development
Photobiology is the study of light and its effect on living things. There has been a great deal of study on photobiology in the area of agriculture. However, its application in the oil & gas environment is a new field. It is a niche market for those companies like Nemalux that have the expertise to engineer lighting systems that enhance operations and safety in the energy sector.


Industry: Oil & Gas
In 2009 in cooperation with an Oil & Gas group, Nemalux designed fixtures for installation in a remote compressor site. The installation consists of several white LED flood lights (XCANLED-DC) and colour changing LED flood lights that serve as an early H2S warning system.


Industry: Industrial
At mid-day, the sun supplies 10,000 to 25,000 lux of light to an oil & gas site. Since oil & gas sites operate on a 24-hour basis, safe operations depend on area lighting during the hours of darkness. For six years Nemalux has been providing leading-edge LED lighting systems for the energy sector. In compliance with ENFORM’s recently published Lease Lighting Guideline, Nemalux’s lighting systems enhance operability and safety when natural sunlight is not available.

GS Panel Lighting

Industry: Oil & Gas
Nemalux’s GS series is an innovative lighting solution for electrical panel interiors. By integrating the newest generation CREE LED technology into a low profile, linear light, this system delivers exceptional illumination for a safe work environment.

Memorial Drive

Industry: Urban
Memorial Drive is a major roadway in Calgary, Alberta, commemorating the many soldiers who died during World War I. An active path system also runs along the south side of Memorial Drive, beside the banks of the Bow River. During the upgrade process, Nemalux’s GS fixtures were integrated into the new street lighting. Designed by the Candela Group, the combination of orange, blue and cool white highlight the memorial banners.

Manitouwadge Municipal Airport

Industry: Aerospace
In 2012 a project was initiated to upgrade the Manitouwadge Municipal Airport. The project includes the upgrade of the airports remote lighting system.

Remote Lighting

Industry: Oil & Gas
It is a common practice in the oil and gas industry to use incandescent or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights on remote compressor sites. The emergence of LED technology combined with industrial fixtures allows the implementation of more operator friendly lights and is more cost-effective than incandescent or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Nuclear Power Plant Boiler

Industry: Nuclear
At one of the largest nuclear facilities in the world located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, they have eight generating units produce over 6000 MW electricity. The first units have been operational since 1976. Facility maintenance is critical to the long-term operation of the generating station.

Lighting Mobile Rig Support & Maintenance Trailers

Industry: Oil & Gas
The client, a recognized leader in mobile industrial equipment, designs and produce trailers that are specialized for use in the oil & gas industry. Efficient, bright, rugged lighting is crucial for such equipment to ensure workplace safety and dependable operation in remote locations and under a range of climate conditions.

Lighting & Science Research

Industry: Research & Development
Eyes are the doorway to the most crucial of senses. Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) are progressive blinding diseases caused by the death of retinal rods and cones in the eyes. The visual system remains relatively intact but is unable to respond to light.

Industrial Compressor Site

Industry: Oil & Gas
The feasibility of using LED light fixtures at this oil and gas site was investigated, with a consideration given to several factors including energy savings, low maintenance costs, comparable capital costs and the safety of low voltage DC.

Aircraft Hangar, Calgary International Airport

Industry: Aerospace
An infrastructure team needed to install outdoor lighting to their maintenance hangar’s exterior. Light colour temperature had to be specific as well have versatile angle control so lighting glare would not interfere with other planes on the nearby runway. A light fixture next to a potential vibration area (door motor) could also prove a hindrance to bulb longevity. Outdoor fixture location exposed to a wide temperature range of -40C (-40F) in the winter to peak summer temperatures exceeding 30C (86F). Find out how Nemalux provided solutions for this challenge!

Oil Well Command Centers

Industry: Oil & Gas
Equipment controller cabs require exceptional visibility for both the inside controls as well as exterior activity. With changing light levels during 24/7 operation, cab workers needed light adjustment to achieve optimal monitoring. As outside light reduces with the setting sun, the interior of the cab becomes the brighter light source, limiting the primary field of vision to just within the cab. Learn more about how Nemalux created solutions for this challenge.

NASA Ames Research Center

Industry: Aerospace
One of the more challenging applications for lighting systems is the illumination of confined spaces. Such a challenge was presented to the Nemalux team by members of the NASA Ames Research Center. Built in 1956, the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California is an impressive example of engineering and design. As part of the continuous improvement program, the facility has been testing a variety of LED systems to increase existing light levels, decrease maintenance cost and improve visibility for a wide range of cameras and sensors. Find out how Nemalux was able to help with this project.
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