Reasons for upgrading to LED lighting 

 There are a number of major reasons why LED luminaires outperform legacy lighting systems: 

  • Energy EfficiencyWith sustainability and energy consumption at the forefront of all industries, LED luminaires are natural replacements to consider for aging legacy lighting systems. LED luminaires offer significant energy savings over their counterparts, ranging from 75 percent and up to 90 plus percent with the use of smart lighting controllers. 
  • Lower Cost of Ownership –  LEDs have such longevity and efficiency that they usually pay for themselves within a few years. While the upfront cost is higher, their increased lifetime, up to 10x greater in some cases, reduces both downtime of maintenance and associated labor costs. Because LED luminaires only lose approximately 2% of their original light output every two years. It takes approximately 10 years for the light to degrade 20%. Metal halide and fluorescents may degrade 60% in that time. Maintenance is expensive, both for the labor of an electrician and the lifts required to reach the luminaire.  
  • Superior Color Rendering-Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how precisely a light source renders colors compared to the perfect light source, the sun. A value of 100 is a perfect copy. LED luminaires have very high CRI values ranging from 70 and above. The reason it is important in food production is that high CRI is necessary to accurately inspect food products for quality. The USDA and FDA specify lighting requirements for food and beverage plants. The USDA requires food inspection areas to have a CRI of 85 and general food processing areas to meet a CRI of 70. CRI values continue to creep upwards with time. 

Aside from these main reasons, there are many other important reasons for switching to LED luminaires in the food industry including: 

  • Long life expectancy 
  • Even output over its lifetime 
  • Energy efficiency: high monochromatic emission output / Low operating power 
  • Spectrum engineering and multi-band modules to precisely shape the emission spectrum for application 
  • Mechanical robustness – made with tough, non-breakable materials – Glass-free to avoid glass contaminating food product 
  • Low toxicity poses no mercury problem (in contrast to HID and fluorescent lamps that use mercury) 
  • Easily meet FDA, USDA, IESNA  minimum illumination levels for various  food industry applications 
  • Meet Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP (supermarkets & restaurants) guidelines 
  • Low radiant heat emissions and improved operation at low temperature
    • Help to decrease degradation and thermal damage in foods from excessive luminaire heat, making them ideal for replacing HID lamps in cold storage applications.  
    • Reduce the cooling load through lower infrared emissions 
    • Critical in baking environments such as cakes, icing, and chocolate production 
  • Post harvest benefits
    • improve the nutritional value of post harvested food  
    • reduce fungal infections 
    • UV-C can be used to preserve freshness by inactivating pathogenic bacteria and prevent spoilage 


The MR is a unique multi-functional, feature rich light fixture based on our rigorous design, prototyping, testing and refinement process. Using industry leading manufacturing practices, our engineers and industrial designers were able to produce a fixture that not only exceeds the expectations of an HID replacement, but establishes a new benchmark in versatility for industrial LED lighting.


Nemalux NL fixtures are durable and robust linear luminaires designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures in industrial and tunnel applications. With a projected lifespan of 60,500 hours.  The NL is available in 2′ and 4′ lengths and can be surface-mounted or suspended from a ceiling. Up to 14.3K lumens output, IP66 rating, and optional CID2 Hazardous Location, multiple light output packages and easy field angle adjustment make the NL a flexible replacement for linear fluorescent fixtures.


The Nemalux BL LED fixture is a durable and robust linear luminaire designed to replace vapour tight fluorescent lights in industrial, marine, commercial and temporary shelter applications. The BL is available in 20W and 40W outputs and can be surface-mounted, suspended or mounted with an optional angle adjustable mount. With a projected lifespan of 60,000 hours and up to 4,400-lumen output, the BL is IP66 rated for indoor and outdoor applications.

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