Quick Install LED Systems for Industrial Applications

Rapidly Deployable LED Lighting Support Structures

Installing light fixtures at an industrial worksite can present a set of unique challenges that can add substantial delays and costs to an existing budget. Cooperation with a manufacturer that offers additional kitting services can mitigate these risks and help with the delivery of a successful project.

This article will address the specific use of pre-assembled or so-called kitted luminaire packages that can improve outcomes while reducing cost and time delays as a major obstacle for new projects as well as retrofits.

The speed and accuracy of implementing a lighting design at the construction stage can be a challenge at the best of times and get impacted by unforeseen circumstances that present themselves during the installation process. Reducing the complexity of the installation process for industrial-grade LED light fixtures is at the core of the Nemalux line of pre-assembled luminaire solutions that provide lights for walkways, catwalks, platforms, modular units, conveyor belts, quick disconnect low / high-bays, pre-wired wall packs, and perimeter lights. Assemblies are available in a ready to install stage crated and shipped to the site with detailed instructions and applicable documentation.


The following list includes some of the LED luminaire assembly packages available from Nemalux

Rapidly Deployable Lighting Structures

ARTSU articulating, telescopic strut lighting pole assembly eliminates ladders, scaffolding and lifts. Add optional MR industrial, hazardous location approved LED luminaire for turnkey, ready-to-install lighting package

ARTSUArticulating Strut Pole Assembly support structure removes the need for ladders, scaffolding, & lifts.

Nemalux Solar GS Turnkey Lighting System - Prewired, ready-to-install, turnkey remote solar powered lighting system including GS-DC linear DC voltage industrial LED luminaire, PV panel, and JB housing battery and charge regulator.

Solar GS500 – 1,200 lumen, solar-powered illumination system rated for C1D2 location use

Nemalux Bullrail GS Series of Industrial Low Profile, DC Linear LED Luminaires, approved for marine and hazardous locations - class I div 2 (c1d2)

Bullrail-GS500 to 4,000 lumen, Protective Bullrail System for marine and C1D2 location use | GS-2: 26.5″

GS Shield500 to 4,000 lumen, C1D2, c/w IMPACT RESISTANT PROTECTIVE CASE: 6.0 kg | 13.2 lbs | Length: 26.5″

Other Nemalux Support Structure Solutions

Installing the XR Series on the Swivel Pole

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BL Handrail Bracket (Coming Soon)

Projects requiring a localized light source next to walkways with a built-in junction box and the ability to handle thru-wiring so that multiple units can be daisy-chained on a single electrical circuit can use the 18” long BL lights with optional outputs of 2,000 to 4,000 lumen. A wide range of bracket options is available from Nemalux to simplify and expedite the installation process.

GS Handrail Bracket (Coming Soon)

Illuminating walkways from a handrail-mounted light fixture requires a low profile and impact-resistant solution. Installing the 24 Volt DC or 120 Volt AC version of the GS luminaire on handrails delivers 5fc on floor surfaces, eliminates the need for poles, and reduces installation costs.  Marine applications in sensitive environments can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the potential for light pollution.

For a comprehensive illumination strategy addressing your specific project needs, feel free to engage one of our lighting professionals at Nemalux. We are always happy to help and only a quick call or email away.

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