A Nemalux field serviceable lighting fixture has individual components that can be replaced onsite.

What is Field Serviceability?

Most Nemalux luminaires are designed with field serviceability in mind, allowing maintenance and upgrading options outside of the warranty period. Where conventional HID fixtures were designed with service in mind due to the shorter life expectancy of bulbs and ballasts, the emergence of LED technology has caused a shift to non-serviceable/sealed systems. This approach from other manufacturers has proven challenging in the past for industrial applications as rather valuable fixtures had to be discarded instead of a much more cost and environmentally-effective approach of changing aging components.

Who can fix our fixtures?

A certified electrician under the local electrical code can service the fixture. This eliminates the need to discard an asset and purchase a replacement. Light fixtures designed with field serviceability in mind enable future maintenance and upgrades. This extends system life and maximize the positive impact of the initial investment. 



Can legacy lights have field serviceability?

Conventional HID fixtures rely on bulbs and ballasts for illumination needs. These parts have a shorter life expectancy and need frequent replacement. As such, access and service were key deliverables for product designers.

The emergence of LED technology had some manufacturers shift towards sealed luminaries. In case of premature failures or at the end of effective life these lights are not serviceable. This forces a complete replacement of the luminaire.

What components can be replaced within Nemalux fixtures?

  • Power Supply
  • LED Light Engine
  • Junction Box Cover
  • Protective Lens Cover
  • Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Accessories
Field Serviceable Products: AR Series, XR Series, MR Series, BL Series, NL Series, LS Series

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