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  • Approved for use in general, marine, & hazardous locations.
  • Input voltage options are 120-277 VAC or 347 VAC*.
  • Ambient temperature range is -50°C to +65°C.
  • Ingress protection level is IP66.

Fixture length is 18.42".
Fixture weight excluding mount is 2.90 kg | 6.4 lbs.

*general location only

BL Part Number Builder   BL Performance Spec (PDF)

BL Product Specifications

BL light fixtures are industrial grade, lightweight, and suitable for challenging applications. Designed to replace vapor-tight fluorescent lights in industrial, marine, and hazardous locations. 7 versatile mounting options expand deployment locations for this product.


  • Designed for marine, harsh, and hazardous location use.
  • Lightweight replacement for conventional vapor-tight lights.
  • Field serviceable light engines, power supply, and housing elements.
  • Copper-free aluminum housing with polycarbonate or glass lens.
  • Approved for through-wiring of multiple units on a single circuit.
  • Built-in junction area for simplified termination.
  • 7 mounting options for deployment flexibility.

BL Certifications and Safety Ratings

Certified for general and marine location use under:

  • UL 1598, UL 1598A, UL 8750
  • CSA C22.2 No. 250.0, CSA C22.2 No. 250.13

The BL is also certified for hazardous location use under:

  • UL 844
  • CSA C22.2 No. 137

BL Safety Ratings:

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD
  • Class II, Division 2, Groups FG
  • Class III
  • Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC
  • Zone 21*
  • Zone 22

Effective Illumination for Industrial Applications

Light Fixture Performance

With 2,000 and 4,000-lumen options within the 18" long housing, the BL is a unique luminaire for industrial use. Born as a design for military shelters, this luminaire excels for industrial clients.

Visual Comfort and Safe Illumination

BL light engines consist of high-efficiency LEDs and aluminum circuit boards. Increasing the ambient temperature range. Internal reflectors are covering the junction area while improving the light output. The textured and impact-resistant external lens offers comfortable and glare-free lighting.

Improved Visibility

The polycarbonate lens is resistant to impacts with an integral hinge part of the fixture.

Engineered for Extreme Environments

Designed for Harsh Environments

The BL is available in a general-purpose or Class 1 Div. 2 for hazardous locations. It is a linear LED luminaire for the conventional vapor-tight category.

Protected Against the Elements

A copper-free aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens make up the standard BL case. While special order versions are available with a glass lens and stainless-steel frame. Sealed to IP66 and pressure equalized with the help of a specialty membrane. Multi-layer powder coats offer long-term survivability of the aluminum.

Simplified Installation & Operation

Installation Options

The BL is a lightweight LED solution compared to conventional hazardous location luminaires.

Implementation Areas

Areas of use include modular buildings and facility lighting. Asset perimeter, catwalks and platforms. Workbenches, mining equipment, and shelter lighting. Color temperature options range between 2700K and 6500K. 0-10V dimmable power supplies provide 120-277 VAC / 347 VAC input options.

Light Fixture Connection & Maintenance

Built-in junction area with three ¾” NPT entries allows for through wiring. Reducing the need for external junction boxes. Solder-free component replacements are possible with the BL. Allowing end-of-life driver, light engine, lens, and other replacements and upgrades.

BL - Encapsulated Variant ​IP68 Subversive Linear LED Light | 2,500 - 4,400 Lumen Encapsulated Linear Luminaire | Class I Division 2 Light | BL Series from Nemalux

LED lights can face submersion for an extended period in certain applications. This challenge is also present in some industrial, infrastructure and maritime locations.​

Nemalux offers a version of the BL that is suitable for IP68 applications. An optically clear encapsulant creates a permanent seal. Maintaining protection against the ingress of water to a depth of up to 25'. The BL-EN model operates at full output in dry as well as submerged conditions.

BL Series IP68 Encapsulated Spec Sheet
BL Series IP68 Encapsulated Installation Manual

IP Ratings Definition


BL - Zone 21 ​

The BL Series LED fixtures have been certified with a Zone 21* classification. Zone 21 is a place in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation. The Nemalux luminaires can provide safe and effective lighting in industrial and hazardous locations.

BL Series Zone 21 Certification Spec Sheet
BL Series Zone 21 Installation Manual

*Only applies to the LC Certified Variant.


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