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Lighting that supports critical processes is what we do.

Nemalux is the primary Canadian manufacturer of harsh & hazardous location LED lights.

We provide luminaires that improve safety and reduce environmental impacts.

We offer exceptional customer service that simplifies the illumination process.

Better lighting for the industrial workplace

Nemalux provides unparalleled customer service to address your lighting requirements. We offer luminaires that improve safety, decrease environmental impacts, and increase operational efficiency.

Executive Summary

Illuminate the industrial process with solid-state lighting.

Nemalux's Executive Summary

Light is one of the most persistent and significant variables in a person’s life. The intimate understanding of lighting technology is our passion and focus.

We provide a full line of LED products that support the industry with technology and design.

Nemalux manufactures industrial grade and hazardous location approved luminaires. Our products provide safe and effective lighting. We upgrade conventional light fixtures where water, vibration, or temperature affect long-term performance.

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Vision | Core Principles | Mission Statement

Our success comes from working hard at what we believe in.


Be the primary Canadian manufacturer of harsh and hazardous location lighting.

Provide luminaires that improve safety and reduce environmental impacts.

Provide exceptional customer service to simplify illumination.

Core Principles

We believe that safe and optimized illumination is critical to an industrial workplace.

We design, manufacture and supply industrial grade luminaires for challenging applications.

We deliver effective and efficient illumination.

Mission Statement

Safe and optimized illumination is critical for industrial locations.

Lighting must support and improve critical processes.

Designing suitable lighting strategies is Nemalux’s responsibility.

Why Nemalux?

Our 5 pillars are what sets us apart.

Why Nemalux?

Durable Lighting Technology:

LED luminaires for harsh and hazardous location use. Human centric lighting improves safety and productivity.

Versatile Deployment Options:

Light fixtures featuring various optical and mounting options. Tailored lighting systems to address challenging projects.

Lifetime Value:

Lower initial cost, simplified installation, and field serviceable components result in excellent value.

Expert Support Services:

In-house lighting design and product engineering expertise. Lighting outcome-based philosophy vs a simplistic product-centric approach.

Short Lead Times:

An extensive component stocking program with just-in-time manufacturing from our Canadian facility.

Nemalux luminaires are an excellent replacement for legacy light fixtures.


Retrofit or Replace


Industry-standard certifications support the delivery of lights that meet or exceed your needs.

The following are the certifications, standards, and regulatory groups to Nemalux adheres to. These groups ensure that products are reliable and safe and provide positive results.

UL Certification

Marine-UL-400-transparent UL-400-transparent

"ULC Standards develops and publishes standards and specifications for products having a bearing on fire, life safety and security, crime prevention, energy efficiency, environmental safety, security of assets and facilities, live working and workplace safety and other areas. ULC Standards is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a consensus based Standards Development Organization under the National Standards System of Canada."

ETL Certification


"ETL is recognized as an NRTL in the United States and, in a similar capacity, as a Testing Organization and Certifying Body in Canada by the Standards Council of Canada. A product bearing the ETL Listed Mark is determined to have met the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards."

NSF Certification


"NSF International has been helping businesses in the agriculture, processing, food equipment, restaurant and retail industries to navigate the food safety and regulatory environment for more than 70 years."

DLC Certification


"DLC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to drive efficient lighting by defining quality, facilitating thought leadership, and delivering tools and resources to the lighting market through open dialogue and collaboration. The DLC promotes high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products in collaboration with utilities and energy efficiency program members, manufacturers, lighting designers, and federal, state, and local entities."

IDA Certification (Dark Sky)


"IDA is the recognized authority for night sky protection and has taken the lead in identifying and publicizing the negative impacts of artificial light at night on human health, wildlife, and climate change."

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Certification


"For four decades, ABS Group has delivered technical service and expertise across the globe, and our leadership team has helped set the standard for safety and reliability for a wide range of industries."

LabTest Certification Inc.


"LabTest Certification Inc. is an accredited Testing, Inspection, and Certification Body, providing product compliance for Canada, U.S.A., as well as international markets for manufacturers seeking to achieve compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements."

IECEx Certification

"IECEx is the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres. It uses quality assessment specifications that are based on International Standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)."

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

"The ISO 9000 family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is consistently improved."

Company History

In 2003, the founders of Nemalux turned their vision into a business.

The company began to create innovative, safe, and effective LED products. Turning a vision into a business was a complex matter. Nemalux built its business with a team of skilled individuals. Our goal was to improve the quality of the environment we live and work in. Nemalux has built a reputation on high-quality products, value-added engineering, and dependable service.


    2003-Q4: Incorporated as Global Scada Inc.
    2004-Q1: Released the original LED safety lights GSLED & BFLED
    2005-Q2: Obtained first CID2 approval on the GSLED
    2008-Q2: Introduced five new LED product families
    2008-Q3: Global Scada Inc renamed to Nemalux Inc
    2009-Q1: Redesigned GSLEDIP for distribution panels
    2012-Q3: Introduced the high brightness RSLED Series
    2013-Q2: Developed several OEM products
    2015-Q1: ZLM - Actively cooled lights for industrial applications
    2016-Q2: MR -Multifunctional luminaire for HZ and GN markets
    2016-Q3: AR - First NSF rated luminaire for expanded markets
    2019-Q3: BL / LS / EXC - Released multiple products to increased market access
    2020-Q1: Released the XR luminaire
    2021-Q3: Released Zone 21 rated BL with Glass Lens

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