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Industrial LED Lighting Design

We provide design support for explosion proof and hazardous location lighting projects. Nemalux conducts layouts using AGI32 and Dialux Evo software packages.

Facility Lighting Audits

Nemalux offers complimentary lighting audit services for industrial, municipal, marine, and hazardous sites.

Custom Luminaire Fabrication

Projects may demand unique solutions to address site-specific challenges. Our in-house product development team offers custom mounting and other add-on options.

Lighting Performance Comparison

Assessing legacy light fixtures allows us to present suitable LED luminaires. Projects requiring a one-to-one replacement approach, use, or performance mapping service.

OEM Fixture Design

Corporations needing specific solutions use Nemalux's design and contract manufacturing service. Such solutions are unique to each customer and remain exclusive to their brands.

Kitting & Pre-Assembly Service

Remote projects needing quick installation options use supplemental services from Nemalux. Pre-installed hardware and wiring on our lights, save time and reduce labor costs.

We provide complimentary Lighting Designs for industrial applications. 

Lighting Design is critical to address safety issues on site. Nemalux provides unparalleled customer service to manage your lighting requirements. We offer luminaires that improve safety, decrease environmental impacts, and increase operational efficiency. We offer exceptional services that provide solutions to your illumination projects.

Lighting Design

Lighting design services for harsh and hazardous locations.

Why get a lighting design?

Worksites considering installing or upgrading a lighting system can face many challenges. A lighting design can be a great starting point.

Improving light quality and light levels can also increase production. Energy and carbon emission reductions are typical for a well-executed strategy. This strategy also results in reduced capital investments and maintenance costs.

Where to begin?

Basic dimensions or complex drawings serve as the starting point for our designs. We then assess that information and illustrate an improved plan.

This detailed report illustrates results with specific Nemalux fixtures installed and in operation. Assuring that selected luminaires and quantities will meet project requirements.

Important Considerations for new lighting design:

  1. Versatile mounting hardware
  2. Longevity & minimal maintenance operation
  3. Optimal light levels, ratio, and color temperature
  4. A high degree of ingress protection & vibration resistance
  5. Luminaire's ability to operate in harsh environmental conditions
  6. 3rd party safety certifications for hazardous & explosive atmospheres
  7. Preventing light pollution and light trespass offsite while enhancing illumination onsite

We illuminate industrial, hazardous, and explosion proof locations with robust LED lighting.




Lighting Audit

Nemalux offers lighting audit services for industrial, infrastructure, and hazardous locations.

Lighting upgrades should meet or exceed the recommended light levels.

Optimize for energy savings and keep project costs low. We assist customers in lowering utility and maintenance costs. And improve light quality and operator experience.

On-site Analysis:

Our team can conduct a complete on-site analysis of your existing lighting system. Based on the data collected, we provide a comprehensive proposal package. These include lighting calculations, recommended fixture locations, energy-saving reports, and a budgetary estimate.

Lighting Designs

Customers looking for a new design use Nemalux's complementary lighting design service. This service is a valid strategy when an audit is not required. Please visit our lighting design area to find out further details.

How do we help?

  • We provide budgetary estimates for new and retrofit projects.
  • We assist in preparing project documents.
  • We optimize installation, energy, and maintenance costs.

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Custom Fabrication

We will do the heavy lifting for you.

Nemalux handles the entire industrial LED lighting design spectrum in-house.

Sometimes, a small design change can solve a challenge for your project. When a new design is necessary, we customize it.

  1. Spectrum & Optical engineering
  2. Packaging & palletization
  3. Thru-wiring electronics
  4. Dark Sky compliance
  5. Remote-power
  6. LED drivers

Nemalux's deep experience with industry-standard certifications and ratings supports the delivery of lights that meet or exceed your needs.

We design custom luminaire mounting brackets

In addition to eight standard brackets, our in-house industrial designers create custom brackets. Surface treatments include galvanizing, anodizing, and powder coating for extra protection.

Performance Comparison

Nemalux luminaires are an excellent replacement for older lighting fixtures.

Replacing High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights

HID fixtures are a type of electrical gas discharge lamp. It produces light by an electric arc between tungsten electrodes. Housed inside a translucent or transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube.

  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights
  • Metal Halide (MH) lights
  • Ceramic MH lamps

Disadvantages of HID lights are:

  • Premature element failure
  • Low lumen per watt ratio
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Poor color rendering

Replacing fluorescent lights

A Fluorescent tube is a low-pressure mercury-vapor gas discharge lamp. It uses fluorescence to produce visible light.

Disadvantages of fluorescent lights are:

  • Requires frequent ballast & bulb replacement
  • Sensitive to vibration & impact
  • Low-temperature sensitivity
  • Lower lumen per watt ratio
  • Contains Mercury

How can I know?

Are you looking for a 1-to-1 replacement option for older luminaires? These reference charts from Nemalux are a good starting point.

Nemalux luminaires are an excellent replacement for legacy light fixtures.


Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Nemalux designs LED lights for harsh, hazardous & explosion-proof rated locations.

Do you have distinct project lighting specifications?

Our experts execute your advanced concepts. We augment your in-house product development team with decades of Nemalux expertise. We complement your ideas with our approach and existing designs.

Nemalux works with your engineering team and delivers industrial products. We reduce time to market and project design costs.

Unlike design groups, we handle the design and the contract manufacturing process. Nemalux reduces product development risk and cost while increasing your engineering capabilities. We establish long-term relationships as part of your supply chain.

Nemalux OEM Expertise

  • Materials
  • Certifications
  • Circuit Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering & Testing
  • Advanced Research Capabilities

Nemalux's Design Process Advantages

  • Match or outperform existing specifications
  • Legacy fixtures updated with new technology LEDs
  • Light fixtures made to the exact shape and dimensions required
  • Ability to incorporate wavelength-specific LEDs into final products
  • Single source for all design, prototyping, approvals, and production
  • Made from specific materials allowing for application in unique environments

Lighting fixtures designed for harsh, hazardous and explosion proof rated locations.


Kitting & Pre-Assembly Services

Nemalux has quick-install LED products for industrial applications within remote areas.

Do it right, and do it quickly!

These products can be pre-assembled and shipped out as a kit. Onsite, they can be rapidly deployed and easily installed for immediate use.

In the middle of nowhere, we help illuminate

Installing light fixtures in remote areas can present a set of unique challenges. These obstacles add substantial delays and costs to an existing budget. A manufacturer that offers kitting services can mitigate these risks. We help deliver successful projects.

Rapidly Deployable LED Lighting Support Structures

  • ARTSU - Articulating Strut Pole Assembly
  • GS Shield - Protective cover for GS Series
  • Solar GS - Pre-assembled system stand-alone unit
  • Bullrail GS - Complete with GS Series in a protective case
  • Swivelpole - Pre-wired and pre-assembled for MR Series and XR Series

Our custom projects team is always ready to answer any questions or inquiries.

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Nemalux has quick-install LED products for industrial applications within remote areas.

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