Nemalux lights allow for a pole spacing of 12m on center. Doubling the distance compared to conventional lights.

Conventional lights are often inadequate for industrial walkways and platforms.

They deliver high contrast ratios between poles and resulting in poor visibility. Poor optical control forces the installation of more fixtures and supporting poles. Often mandating a 25° or 45° tilt. 
In general, HID fixtures have a high maintenance cost and consume up to 100% more power per fixture. 
Furthermore, bulbs remain suspectable to vibration and experience premature failure. 

Install up to 50% fewer Nemalux lights on walkways utilizing superior optics and a range of beams. Nemalux fixtures distribute light 12 meters which is double that of conventional fixtures.



Nemalux's MR and XR models offer superior performance in a convenient package.

Using type 1 or 2 distribution patterns, fewer fixtures illuminate longer sections. Conducting a one-to-one replacement still reduces power consumption by over 50%. Slip fitters and other mounting options support retrofit and new projects. 

Turnkey pole assemblies reduce installation time for new projects. MR and XR allow through-wiring of fixtures on a single circuit. 100% field serviceable components extend system life and reduce life cycle costs. 



High-output, optically-controlled LED lights:

  • Models ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • Mounting heights of 8' - 25'
  • Suitable for harsh and hazardous locations
  • IDA - Dark Sky approved variants are available
  • Class I Division 2 I Class II Division 2 I Zone 21 (XR) certified


Nemalux LED lights provide enhanced safety on industrial walkways, catwalks & platforms. Reducing maintenance and total lifecycle costs. Our fixtures are more energy efficient than legacy HPS or MH fixtures. Making Nemalux a great lighting replacement option for conventional walkway lights. Our lighting design services can support project implementation and improve outcomes.




MR is a versatile, hazardous location-rated LED luminaire designed for industrial applications. The 3,000 - 6,000K fixture has a mounting height of 8' to 14'. It features lightweight, low-profile aluminum housing for ease of installation and a high-efficiency optical design for improved illumination.


The XR is a versatile LED fixture designed for applications in extreme environments. The 8,000 - 20,000K fixture has a mounting height of 8' to 25'. Thermal load separation permits use in high ambient temperature locations. Lightweight and low-profile aluminum housing for ease of installation. High-efficiency optical design for improved illumination.

lighting a rail line and port