Green Light Therapy 525nm      Custom GS Series

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  • Green light therapy improves sleep
  • Green light therapy is used for pain relief & migraines
  • Green light therapy absorbs into the skin and has a calming effect
  • Available with 30° (narrow) or 100° (wide) beam profiles
  • Optimized heat transfer for maximum longevity
  • Easy field angle adjustment
  • Lifespan up to 100,000 hours

Weight:    GS-1: 0.8 kg | 1.8 lbs

Specifications for Nemalux Blue GS Series of Industrial Low Profile, DC Linear LED Luminaire

Dimensions (click to enlarge):

Nemalux Industrial is pleased to technically support scientists and academics in research studies.  In this particular research study, a very specific green wavelength was required.  Using a spectral radiometer we were able to confirm the exact peak wavelength received from the chosen LED manufacturer.   We were also asked to provide a fixture without any other RF emissions.  Our industrial and linear drivers are flicker-free and do not influence sensitive tests or equipment.

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    Specification Sheets

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