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The UV-BL fixture is capable of providing disinfection while minimizing risk to occupants.

The main advantages of the UV-BL:

  • Disinfection of Surfaces Using UV-A
  • Inspection Lighting for Industrial Process
  • Chemical Curing Accelerant
  • Crop Protection for Agricultural / Horticultural Applications

The Nemalux UV-BL LED 385 nm version of the BL-Series is a good option for disinfection. It is also flexible as wavelengths other than 385 nm are available. Additionally, it is a durable and robust conventional vapour-tight fixture designed to replace vapour tight fluorescent lights in industrial, marine, commercial and temporary shelter applications. The UV-BL is also available with 20W or 40W outputs and can be surface-mounted, suspended, or mounted with an angle adjustable mount. With a projected lifespan of 60,000 hours and an IP66 rating, the UV-BL is excellent for either indoor or outdoor applications. Marine Certification (UL1598A) further enables the applications to be used in harsh environments for wet marine and transport applications.


Nemalux understands the safe level of illumination for humans when light intensity and exposure times come into play. For more information, please refer to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website on Ultraviolet Radiation.

For Your Information:

For the UV-A or near-ultraviolet spectral region (315 to 400 nm), exposure to the eye should not exceed one milliwatt per square centimeter (1.0 mW/cm2) for periods greater than 1000 seconds (approximately 16 minutes). For exposure times less than 1000 seconds, the dose (total energy) should not exceed 1.0 J/cm2. Additional exposure limits apply to the amount of UV light exposure to the skin and the eyes. The amount of UV exposure a person can receive on their skin or eyes during an 8-hour period varies with the wavelength of the UV radiation. For specifics, you can consult the Ultraviolet Radiation section of the current edition of the ACGIH publication Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents and Biological Exposure Indices®.

Here’s an article about UV-A usage in hospitals. It is good to understand how UVA lighting can disinfect, especially with microorganisms like COVID-19 in our environment.

The UV-BL is a flexible replacement for modular building fabricators, perimeter lighting, catwalks, workbenches, over table & equipment lighting, and outdoor shelter area lighting. It would be suitable for areas where disinfection is essential from hospitals, care centres, and any other health and safety location.

Key Features

  • Tempered glass window for chemical resistance and UV transparency
  • Two lumen output levels
  • Suitable for high ambient temperature operation
  • Multiple mounting options
  • ¾” NPT entries on 3 sides
  • Thru-wiring: multiple units can be daisy-chained on a single electrical circuit
  • Optional dimming knob (120VAC and Dry/Damp Locations only)
  • Vented and IP66/67 sealed enclosure for enhanced reliability
  • Industrial grade housing designed to withstand vibration and impact
  • Certified for use in Marine Locations (UL 1598A & ABS); marine-grade copper-free aluminum construction with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Triple layer corrosion protection: chromate conversion coating, epoxy powder coat primer, super-durable polyester powder topcoat
  • Sub-assemblies are field serviceable and replaceable


Installation Manuals


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