Lighting a Drilling Site Effectively Increases Worksite Safety & Productivity

When mounting optically-controlled ZLM floodlights at the top of the drilling rig, we deliver 360° coverage.

Positioning LED floodlights at such an elevated mounting location reduces the potential for glare, increases visibility throughout the site, and substantially reduces maintenance and rental costs.

Conducting drilling operations during the night is a complex undertaking. Inadequate illumination and excessive contrast between different zones create safety risks.

Conventional approaches include installing light towers and building-mounted luminaires to achieve target light levels in certain areas. This approach can fall short of delivering minimum recommended light levels.

Efficient illumination supports worker safety, reduces environmental impact, and promotes streamlined operations.

Before and after of LED lighting installed on a Drilling Rig. Supports worker safety, reduces environmental impact & promotes streamlined operations.

Performance of the ZLM

  • Lower Energy Consumption - Transitioning from older HIDs to new generation LEDs reduces power consumption by up to 50%.
  • Benefits of Solid-State Lighting - LEDs are inherently vibration resistant, enabling the construction of robust and industrial grade lights. They offer a higher lumen efficiency, produce less heat and can remain mounted on equipment during transport.
  • Improved Visibility - Upgrading conventional HPS to ZLM LED lights enhances visibility for the human eye. Increasing the visual alertness and acuity to support the performance of operators. The colour temperature increases from the low 2,000K range (orange) to 5,000K (crisp white).
  • Maintenance Free Operation - In strong contrast to conventional HIDs, the ZLM has a rated system life of up to 60,000 hours. Eliminating the need for replacement parts for up to 10 years (at 12 hours per day ON time).
  • Improved Illumination - Non-uniform light distribution with conventional lights can pose a safety hazard. Impairing the ability to detect objects and pose challenges for the workforce. Superior optical control of the ZLM offers increased uniformity.
  • Improved Safety - Better visibility for operators helps with the prevention of trip and fall incidents. Safe movement within these complex areas requires high quality illumination. ZLMs help achieving industry specific target light levels while reducing the number of lights required. 

Operator safety on remote lease sites is a critical lighting priority. A comprehensive lighting strategy that accounts for unique challenges is key.

Day and Night Operations on a Drilling Rig site. Operator safety on remote lease sites is a critical lighting priority.

Design Services

We provide complimentary lighting design and customization services.

Worksites considering installing or upgrading a lighting system can face many challenges. Lighting design is a critical step to address safety and work towards positive outcomes on-site. Optimizing for target light levels and quality, while reducing fixture counts. Energy and carbon emission reductions are typical for a well-executed strategy. While reducing capital investments and maintenance costs are a positive benefit.CAD drawing showing light levels on a Drilling Rig site. Operator safety on remote lease sites is a critical lighting priority.

Customer Testimonial

Nemalux’s design team was helpful in the specification of the lighting strategy. They adjusted for the different heights of our equipment and light coverage on sites.

Nemalux lights are lightweight compared to other lights we had looked at. We installed the lights on all our equipment without exceeding the raising loads on masts. During transportation and rig up, the small size of the ZLM permits them to remain in place. This feature eliminates increases to rig-up time for our customers, a challenge with other models. They also worked with us on our secondary overhead retention needs.

With the ZLM package, we have nearly eliminated all light trespass, allowing operation near farms and
residences. The higher energy efficiency permits using the lights with existing electrical circuits on our

It is a better lighting package than any solution we have rented in the past.



Nemalux’s ZLM-2 LED Luminaires is a modular LED luminaire system designed for mounting heights of 30 to 160 feet. Featuring one of the best lumens per-pound ratios in the outdoor lighting segment. Its configurations allow for a lumen output ranging from 28,000 (single) to 56,000 (double). Incorporating versatility and durability in a single package.


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