10 Module Light Stringer

Speed of deployment and removal are critical aspects for temporary lighting applications and can be accomplished with the use of LS string lights, even in harsh and hazardous locations.

Facilities undergoing construction or maintenance can often experience reduced light levels, leading to slowdowns and increased risk of incidents.

Quick and reliable illumination can be achieved with the deployment of pre-wired LS stringer lights, delivering required light levels to keep everyone safe on site.

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Downloadable Use Case (PDF)


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Nemalux LS Series Light Stringer modular industrial LED luminaire for temporary lighting and portable applications with IP66, marine and hazardous location (class I div 2, c1d2) certifications

Outcome of the Solution

(Why Choose Nemalux?)

  • Improved Site Safety
  • Better Visibility in all weather conditions
  • Reduced Maintenance with Superior Product Reliability
  • Dark Sky Compliance and reduced light trespass
  • Lower Cost; Faster Delivery; Greater Support

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