About Us

Executive Summary

Illuminate the process with the future of intelligent lighting.

Light is one of the most persistent and significant variables in a person’s life.  The intimate understanding of this technology is our passion and focus. This knowledge includes in-depth studies of wavelengths their effects, interfaces, and controls.

Nemalux was created by innovative thinking as we’ve anticipated the lighting paradigm shift of LEDs. We have developed a full line of LED products which continue to lead the industry with their technology and their design.

Nemalux has improved energy efficient, robust, waterproof and hazardous location approved luminaires. These products are designed to provide lighting for areas where water, vibration, maintenance or temperature negatively affects conventional illumination. We’ve combined the long-life and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) with the brightness of conventional lighting.

Nemalux fixtures were developed for lighting in industrial locations. Its brand was established to fill a market niche for low profile, hazardous location lighting where fluorescent and incandescent lights could not compete.  Nemalux has built its name on durable, high quality and safe LED luminaires.

The Nemalux Logo
The Story Behind The Nemalux Logo: Our Brand History
Everyone likes a good story. Did you know our logo has a technical background?
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Our Vision

We illuminate commercial and industrial sites around the world with robust LED lighting.

Our Commitment

At Nemalux, being a leader goes beyond our commitment to offering innovative, superior products and services to the markets we serve. It also means supporting the communities where we work and live, protecting the health and safety of our employees and safeguarding the environments where we do business.  Our adherence to a high standard of ethical conduct is not only the right thing to do; it helps us earn the trust and respect of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities around us.

Nemalux supports an inclusive work environment where all employees are valued, respected and able to fully contribute regardless of differences. Our corporate governance principles and our internal auditing procedures are always under constant scrutiny. All Nemalux employees – irrespective of position or title – are accountable for safeguarding and furthering the high ethical standards associated with our company in the global marketplace.

Nemalux is focused on developing, implementing and measuring programs aimed at maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of our employees and minimizing the environmental footprint of our business operations.

Our Mission

The industrial customer is interested in safe and optimized illumination that supports and improves their process.

The understanding of our customers process and designing a suitable lighting strategy is our responsibility.

Core Values


We thrive on creating advanced lighting solutions.

Customer Service

We aim to meet our customers’ lighting needs.

Product Excellence

We create excellent, long lasting products.

Honesty & Respect

We uphold the dignity of our colleagues, our customers and our community.

Global Reach

Nemalux is strategically positioned to provide integrated product solutions and services to customers worldwide. We recognize that the world is changing and with change comes opportunity. We embrace the chance to be on the ground in emerging, profitable markets; the opportunity to work with an indigenous and skilled workforce; the opportunity to better serve our global customers; and the opportunity to leverage the cost benefits of being both an efficient global supplier for our clients and working with a competitive supply base.

We are expanding our operations globally, specifically seeking opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in India, China and Central and South America, where long-term growth prospects are high. Agencies have been established in the most strategic areas to ensure that we remain close to our customers and competitive in the markets we serve.

Architectural Division

Nemalux also an architectural division called Lumenova Design. For industry-leading architectural and custom LED lighting solutions, please ask us about Lumenova Design.

How can we help you?

We’d love to help with your industrial LED lighting solutions. Please feel free to contact our staff at any time.

Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

Your Trusted Industrial & Hazardous Location Lighting Experts