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We supply Industrial LED Lighting to...

Military & Aerospace

Nemalux provides military and aerospace customers with a wide range of lighting solutions. This includes high-temperature applications for rocket launch zones and camera vision support. Interior and exterior lighting for airplane hangars, combat vehicles, and marine vessels. Plus, upgrades to munition storage facilities and asset perimeter lighting.

Automation & Control

Nemalux luminaires are a great choice for automation and control panel applications. The GS series with its low-voltage DC operation and small size is the ideal panel light. DC models with a linear drive current are suitable for machine vision and automation.

Heavy Industrial/Harsh

Key advantages of Nemalux products are robust housing, flexible brackets, and increased reliability. Selecting commercial-grade lights for heavy-duty applications helps avoid premature failure. In some instances, specific area ratings are not required. But selecting industrial-grade lights remains critical. These allow for extended use even under extreme conditions.

Chemical Plants

Nemalux supplies explosion proof and hazardous location lights for indoor and outdoor use. Specific features address challenges related to corrosive atmospheres and explosive gases. With Class I Division 1 and Class I Division 2 rated fixtures, we can address these challenges. Chemical facilities can optimize their lighting strategies by using Nemalux LED lights.

Grain Processing

Nemalux provides solutions to illuminate silos, train loading terminals, and other processing areas. Lower case temperatures reduce the danger posed by combustible dust and flyings. Long-life LED systems reduce maintenance cycles while saving energy and increasing safety.

Oil & Gas

Nemalux illuminates almost all areas of the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries. Building on two decades of LED use in the oil and gas industry, we supply luminaires that keep on working. Known for safety and excellent reliability, our lights illuminate critical workplaces worldwide.


Aging infrastructure in North America has been a concern for decades. Power generation facilities, water treatment plants, and tunnels use Nemalux products for lighting. This segment mandates continued support during design, implementation, and maintenance.


Lighting projects in the mining industry generate positive results with Nemalux luminaires. Facility lighting upgrades for processing plants and supply tunnels result in reduced operating costs. While vibration and impact resistance brackets and housings allow use on mining equipment. Resulting in improved visibility and comfort for heavy equipment operators.

Nuclear Power

Exposure to high levels of radiation reduces the useable lifespan of light fixtures. Solid state LED luminaires using shielding methods offer a localized solution. Nemalux provides area and task lighting for nuclear plant operations in Canada.

Pulp & Paper

Certain Nemalux fixtures carry C2D1, C2D2, Zone 21, and Zone 22 certifications. Allowing installation in hazardous locations where combustible dusts can be present. Providing safe illumination for the pulp and paper industry. Safety and visibility concerns mandate a systematic approach using comprehensive designs. Nemalux offers products and services addressing challenges specific to this industry.


Lighting projects in proximity to saltwater environments can face major challenges. Third-party ratings including UL1598A, and ABS highlight suitability for this segment. Uninterrupted operation and satisfactory light levels are critical deliverables. Dark sky compliance and simultaneous hazardous location ratings further contribute to project success.

Food Processing

Nemalux provides NSF-rated AR high bay luminaires for food processing facilities. Critical design elements for the AR include unique housing geometries, coating, and fasteners. All enabling installations in NSF-designated Splash and Non-Food Zones.


10 Illumination Considerations for the Industrial Workplace

  1. Using LED equivalency statements from marketing material does not replace detailed lighting designs
  2. Installation locations and aiming should be controlled to reduce or eliminate glare discomfort
  3. Colour temp and CRI selection can differentiate between exterior and interior luminaires
  4. Evaluation criteria for selecting fixtures have more factors than lumens, watts, and cost
  5. Uniform intensity levels can improve visual comfort, specifically for an aging workforce
  6. Over-lighting a workplace could have a negative impact on safety and performance
  7. Poorly designed lighting strategies can have a negative impact on site operators
  8. The average age of the operators will dictate minimum illumination targets
  9. Luminaire placement must take existing equipment details into account
  10. Key deliverables can be safety, productivity, and visual comfort

    BONUS: Lighting directly impacts human performance!

About Nemalux:

  • Nemalux designs and manufactures LED lighting solutions for harsh and hazardous locations.
  • LED technology solves many lighting problems better than conventional lighting.
  • Nemalux has unique expertise in working with LED technology, our sole focus.
  • Nemalux contributes to worksite safety and corporate performance.
  • Nemalux also develops custom solutions and advises the industry, clients, and prospects.
  • The Nemalux team strives to develop strong partnerships and positive working relationships with industry colleagues.

About our LED lighting solutions:

  • Nemalux products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Nemalux products and services harness the advantages of LED technology. Our lights offer a powerful and effective alternative to conventional industrial lighting.
  • Nemalux products are specifically designed to address commonly-encountered harsh and hazardous industrial challenges.
  • Nemalux products are priced competitively.
  • Nemalux products adhere to lighting and electrical standards and regulations.
  • Nemalux's design, advisory, and customization services help users address the toughest challenges.

Select Lighting Options

Based on your selection:

Luminaire Case Design

Nemalux uses marine-grade aluminum alloys with low copper content (copper-free) luminaire housings. They can withstand long-term exposure to chemicals and salt water and act as effective heatsinks. Powder coating and anodizing options further improve housing performance in tough environments. Our use of specialty powder coats and processes provides a mil-spec-compliant multi-layer coating meant to withstand simultaneous exposure to corrosive chemicals, UV, and saltwater. Safety is improved by designing luminaire cases around the specific requirements of LED technology and avoiding retrofits of legacy technology enclosures.


Vented Light Enclosures

Industrial enclosures experience substantial changes in the surrounding atmosphere, temperature, and humidity. Using pressure equalization vents, Nemalux light fixtures are sealed to IP66/67 while allowing the system to breathe. This reduces stress on components and dissipates excess humidity, serving to avoid the buildup of droplets on sensitive electronics.

Luminaire Mounting Hardware

As industry practices are evolving, the use of flexible mounting hardware is instrumental for an optimized installation process. Industrial grade brackets are not only designed to withstand severe vibration, impact, and chemical exposure and offer secondary safety points as means of fall protection, but they also need to allow optimized placement in new and existing facilities to reduce costs and deployment time. Nemalux’s standard catalogue includes an extensive range of brackets for specific fixture series, allowing for a substantial reduction of luminaire types on the final bill of material as well as streamlining the engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance process. This represents a major competitive advantage in our addressable market segment.

LED Lighting

Nemalux selects high-quality diodes primarily from CREE, Samsung, and Nichia that are underpowered to reduce heat stress and premature aging of components. The longevity of LEDs is extended by reducing the current flow by 50-70% of the rated max value, which allows for implementation in harsh environments.

Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB)

MCPCBs are a vital part of heat transfer from the LEDs to the external case, allowing for greater temperature range and extended performance in industrial applications. Built-in redundancies account for a possible failure of individual diodes which allows for continuous operation and minimal change in the overall light output. The serviceability of Nemalux luminaries is a major benefit as this allows for future upgrades and field replacements. Our designs offer easy access to light engines and solder-free quick-connect components.


Secondary Optics

Located behind the external protective lens, secondary optics from LEDiL and other vendors provide greater flexibility during the lighting design and application process. Such devices shape the light, substantially reducing installation and operation costs. Using AGI32 and Dialux Evo design software, Nemalux designers can advise on optimal spacing and mounting heights based on project and facility needs.

Power Supplies

Programmable and hazardous location power supplies allow us to balance the approach between thermal management and efficiency. 0-10V dimmable power supplies are available for modifying illumination levels. L90 values are important indicators that have a substantial impact on the overall system reliability and should be considered carefully during the luminaire selection process. In high-output systems, the use of multiple power supplies allows for a portion of the luminaire to remain functional in case of an individual power supply failure.

Glare Reduction

Safety on industrial sites can not only be compromised by the absence of adequate illumination but also by excessive glare and light trespass. Selecting the appropriate mounting height, tilting angle and lens type are factors that have a substantial impact. Nemalux luminaires with a glare reduction lens and sharp cutoff are key in improving visual comfort and acuity.


Most Nemalux luminaires are designed with field serviceability in mind, allowing maintenance and upgrading options outside of the warranty period. Where conventional HID fixtures were designed with service in mind due to the shorter life expectancy of bulbs and ballasts, the emergence of LED technology has caused a shift to non-serviceable/sealed systems. This approach from other manufacturers has proven challenging in the past for industrial applications as rather valuable fixtures had to be discarded instead of a much more cost and environmentally-effective approach of changing aging components.