Aerostat Lighting

A mobile solution for temporary large-area, outdoor lighting.

Nemalux Aerostat lighting is a novel way to achieve wide area coverage for remote or temporary outdoor applications by mounting area luminaires underneath a tethered or self-propelled airship high above the ground. Applications can range from O+G drilling operations, outdoor events, or filming. If surveillance or security applications are required as in search and rescue or border patrol, then optional security cameras can be mounted underneath as well.

Nemalux’s experienced Aerostat partners transport the balloon to the site, inflate it with helium, float it to the final lighting position, and for tethered applications, tether it to the groundbased mobile generator unit through a power and control cable. Nemalux luminaire’s high lumens-to-weight ratio enables the highest lumens output, ensuring the widest possible coverage area. A typical application can light up to 400 square feet. The remote control enables color, dimming, and optical beam pattern selection and rugged design allow operation in hazardous locations and extreme weather conditions.


  • Delivered to site via vehicle and setup in a few hours
  • Illuminate up to 400 square meter (typ.)
  • Tethered aerostat with power cable supplied from ground-based mobile generator
  • Rated for local wind and environmental conditions where they operate
  • Employs Nemalux rugged luminaires designed for the harshest environment
  • Industrial rated
  • Remote color control
  • Remote dimming control
  • Wide variety of optical beam patterns available
  • IP67/68
  • Advertising banner
  • Optional security cameras

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