Company History

In 2003, the founders of Nemalux turned their vision into a business with a small line of credit and a handshake.  The company began with a single idea – combine our passion for physics and innovation to create unique products that improve the quality of the environment we live and work in. Founded in Calgary, Alberta, Nemalux has built its reputation on high-quality products; value added engineering and dependable service.

Turning a vision into a business was no simple matter. Curiosity was the spark for innovation. Nemalux built its business with a team of highly skilled individuals, a focus on smart products and the determination to provide dynamic solutions to our customers.

  • 2003-Q4

    Global Scada Inc.

    incorporated as Global Scada Inc.

  • 2004-Q1

    GSLED & BFLED Series

    introduced the original GSLED/BFLED

  • 2004-Q3

    Solar light projects

    successfully designed and delivered several solar light projects

  • 2005-Q1

    EDGE Series

    introduced EDGE Lighting products for way-finding applications

  • 2005-Q2

    Time to grow

    expanded to a new facility

  • 2006-Q2

    Time to grow

    expanded to a new facility

  • 2008-Q2

    New products

    introduced five new LED product families

  • 2008-Q3

    Nemalux rebrand

    Global Scada Inc. renamed to Nemalux Inc.

  • 2009-Q1

    GSLEDIP Series

    introduced the redesigned GSLEDIP linear safety lights for distribution panels

  • 2011-Q1

    Time to grow

    expanded to a new facility

  • 2013-Q1

    Second facility

    opened a second facility in Calgary dedicated to manufacturing

  • 2013-Q2

    OEM solutions

    successfully designed and delivered several OEM solution for the industrial sector

  • 2015-Q1

    ZLM Series

    introduced the ZLM, a new actively cooled high brightness system for industrial applications

  • 2016-Q2

    MR Series

    introduced the MR, the most versatile LED luminaire in the industrial market

  • 2016-Q3

    AR Series

    introduced the AR, the first Nemalux NSF rated luminaire for the food processing market

  • 2017-Q1

    RS Series round two

    introduced the 2nd generation of the popular RS Series with Marine Certification and increased output

  • 2019-Q3

    BL Series / LS Series / EXC Series

    introduced an assortment of products that increase our creativity and diversity in product design and manufacturing in a competitive demanding market.

How can we help you?

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Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

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