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With a 2020 population of 1,743,469 Phoenix is the fifth most populous U.S. city, and the most populous U.S. state capital. At 4.5 million people, the metro area is also the 10th largest in the U.S.

For decades, children in Arizona have been taught the 5 C’s that built Arizona’s economy – Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate. Mining was the top industry in the early days after the state was formed in 1912 up until 1950. Today, while these industries are still important, Phoenix has diversified into the service and high tech industry. While real estate and the financial sector are now the leading industries, manufacturing is now the third-largest industry. Phoenix has attracted many leading hi-tech and electronic components and systems manufacturers. The military has a big presence in Phoenix with Luke Air Force base located in the western suburbs.  as well as Falcon Field, and Williams Air Force Base (now Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport). Along with this is a thriving aerospace industry led by Honeywell’s large presence.

Nemalux Industry Match

Water & Waste Water
The water industry is critical to the survival of cities in arid regions. Nemalux lighting products are designed to operate in the harshest environments, including extreme temperatures and moisture.

The vast water system infrastructure required to support the CAP requires lighting for proper operation. As older HID lighting systems are retired or considered for upgrades, Nemalux has a number of products for seamless upgrade pathways to high-efficiency LED lighting. The Nemalux MR is a direct replacement for 75-150W HID. Nemalux luminaires are designed for the harsh operating conditions of water and wastewater plants, including hazardous location ratings. Nemalux luminaires have been used throughout the water and wastewater treatment facilities such as inside and outside compressor buildings, perimeter security, and hazardous location areas.

Nemalux offers a variety of lighting solutions to replace and retrofit luminaires commonly used in WTPs. Most models come in Class I, Div 2 (zone 2) option to allow mounting in hazardous locations if required. To make it easy to cross HID luminaires to the equivalent LED luminaire, Nemalux provides a product matching table found here. Clients trust Nemalux for industry-leading lead times measured in weeks, and excellent client support.

Here are some of the WTP lighting solutions provided by Nemalux:

  • The Nemalux MR is a versatile LED luminaire that can replace 75 – 150W HID fixtures mounted between 8 – 14 feet
  • Nemalux BL is a direct replacement for T12 vapor tight fluorescent lamps with convenient thru-wiring allowing daisy-chaining multiple units
  • NL is a part of the linear series that can also replace fluorescents
  • The AR has high lumens output and is used for high bay area lighting mounting between 25 and 100 feet above.
  • The LS Light Stringer is a temporary and portable work light that allows daisy-chaining of many modules.
  • The EXC is a Class I Div 1 (Zone 1) luminaire that is ideal for confined space lighting.


To learn more, visit our water and wastewater application page.

General Manufacturing

Nemalux offers lighting solutions for the factory, whether it is high bay general lighting or focused task lighting. The Nemalux AR is used for both indoor high bay applications or for outdoor area lighting of large work yards. The MR is a direct replacement for legacy 75-150 W HID lamps. It is also an excellent luminaire for plant walkways, catwalks, platforms, and staircases. For night shift work, Nemalux offers luminaires emitting in blue end of the spectrum to help keep workers alert. Nemalux realizes that many medium-sized companies do not have their own lighting design engineering department. For this reason, Nemalux offers its no-obligation, complementary lighting layouts to plant operators who need accurate information to make their next lighting upgrade decision, a service worth thousands of dollars.


Military & Aerospace

Military operations often have need for the most robust and durable technologies, including lighting technologies. Nemalux luminaires have been used in wind tunnel testing facilities and on rocket launchpads where harsh and extreme temperatures close to rocket engines persist. Nemalux is also well equipped for boutique, custom designs for demanding military and aerospace applications that require luminaires that meet very unique specifications. We welcome customer inquiries for luminaires that operate in the most extreme and demanding environments and our designers can also perform spectrum engineering if your scientific, technological or engineering application requires very specific wavelengths and intensity levels.


Nemalux lighting applications are designed for all mining environments. With customizable light beam profiles and a variety of applications, Nemalux can deliver a beam profile to identify tripping hazards, find ore up a working face, or detect interesting features on a conveyor belt. At the same time, our applications are durable, as they are rated for any situation a mine could encounter.

Lighting is critical in mines if you look at the history of safe lighting in Mining, as staff relies upon the correct light profile to avoid physical hazards and other dangers. As a carefully crafted beam profile can increase productivity in open mines, it can also improve perception in underground mines. By focusing the tuned portable light beam on a working face, you will allow miners to improve coal or ore shearing.

Open Pit Mines

Open-pit mines are naturally large areas that need to be illuminated. Equipment such as crushers sits on large open areas, crushing quarried stones and generating clouds of dust. The AR and XR are ideal for operating in these extreme environments with an industrial design that enables them to operate at an optimal temperature range even in the presence of constant grime. Larger fin spacing, triple-coated surface, and a surface designed to support debris shedding enable operation in the dustiest environment. IP 66 & 67 ingress protection allows operators to hose down the luminaires in the unlikely event that debris does accumulate. Their large lumen output, especially the AR, allows it to be used in high mast applications to illuminate wide areas with the lowest possible power.

Underground Mines

The BL is a replacement for vapor tight fluorescent lights that have long been used in the mining industry. Following the tradition of innovation in the mining industry, the BL improves upon fluorescents in lifetime, lumens output, durability, and power consumption. A thru wiring mode allows BL’s to be chained together in long runs as commonly practiced in the mining industry, following the contours of long mining tunnels.  The large surface area of the BL fixture results in a very high cooling rate, giving it exceptional performance in the elevated temperatures of mines.

For more information on mining applications, visit our mining application page.

Food Processing

Nemalux offers the AR, an NSF-certified luminaire that is designed to excel in the harsh food processing environment. The AR is rated IP66/67 and its industrially designed package is shaped to prevent biofouling. With the the high color rendering index, it allows food quality and safety inspectors to see true colors. Nemalux luminaires are all available with hazardous location ratings for application in explosive dust environments such as grain silos. For more information, goto our food processing application page.

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