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Nemalux had its beginnings in CalgaryWestern Canada’s largest city (km2). Both its head office and factory are currently located there. 

The city of Calgary is one of Western Canada’s most dynamic cities and Calgarians are famous for their entrepreneurial spiritThis is reflected in Calgary Economic Development figures that reveal Calgary as the Canadian city with the highest concentration of millionaires and the highest concentration of head offices per capita and highest GDP per capita. This same entrepreneurial spirit led a small group of friends to start Nemalux out of their garage. Today, Nemalux has grown into a multi-million dollar company but it retains the same drive to innovate and push the boundaries of safety, performance, quality, robustness and cost to its limitsallowing it to challenge global industry leaders many times its size.

 Calgary is home to the world-famous Calgary Stampede, 10 day event which bills itself as the world’s greatest outdoor show, a rodeo, festival and exhibition rolled into one. The Stampede is steeped in farming culture, no surprise since agriculture is one of Alberta’s biggest industries, contributing 19.2% of all agribusiness in Canada in 2018 Farmland covers 1/3 of Alberta and is concentrated in the south near Calgary.  

Calgary is rated among the top cities to live in the worldThe 2019 Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability rating ranks Calgary as the 5th most livable city in the world. It is located one hour east of the world-famous Banff national park and the Rocky Mountains. Between prairies and foothills, it is also just a few hundred kilometers north of the US border.  

Nemalux Industrial Lighting headquarter, located at 1018 72 Ave., N.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Energy has traditionally been the biggest industry in Alberta and Calgary is sometimes referred to as the Houston of Canada. It is home to roughly three-quarters of Canada’s crude oil and natural gas production and has the third-largest crude oil reserves in the world. Calgary is naturally the home for the biggest players in the industry including BP CanadaCanadian Natural Resources LimitedCenovus EnergyOvintivImperial OilSuncor EnergyShell CanadaHusky EnergyTEnergy, and CNOOCNemalux luminaires find many applications in Alberta’s oil patch. No wonder, as Nemalux began its life by building hazardous location lighting luminaires to serve and services and continues to lead in this area. 

Nemalux luminaires installed in petrochemical refinery - We offers Texas engineering and O+G firms the best cost-performance ratio, hazardous location, industrial lighting solutions for walkways, platforms, staircases and ladders
Nemalux luminaires are installed in petrochemical refinery - We offers Texas engineering and O+G firms the best cost-performance ratio, hazardous location, industrial lighting solutions for walkways, platforms, staircases and ladders

Nemalux offers oilfield drilling rigs, pipelines, and petrochemical refineries class I div 1 (zone 1) LED lighting products, explosion-proof LED lighting products, and class I div 2 (zone 2) LED lighting products for both upstream and downstream applications. While not as well known as other industrial lighting brands, Nemalux is very competitive and can cross to almost any major brand, and offer many advantages.  Nemalux’s new generation of LED luminaires such as the MR makes use of secondary optics to allow for the configuration of a large number of optical beam patterns. This allows clients the ability to purchase one hazardous location LED luminaire model that can be configured for countless applications. This solves a common purchasing problem – the need to stock multiple luminaire models, each for a separate lighting application in the refineryNemalux XRMR, and AR all offer multiple lighting and mounting configurations, making them some of the most versatile hazardous location luminaires on the market. Nemalux’s EXC series is one of the industry’s lowest profile explosion-proof Class I Div 1 (Zone 1) LED luminaires, making it possible to mount in space-constrained applications.  

Nemalux offers value-added options typically not found with other hazardous location luminaire manufacturers. With potentially thousands of luminaires on one site, labor costs to maintain luminaires can quickly add up. When versatile Nemalux LED luminaires are used along with Nemalux’s flexible and innovative range of structural mounts,  this can dramatically reduce expensive maintenance time to install and change luminaires. 

 Finally, Nemalux includes complementary lighting design for any site, which can save on design timeTaken together, Nemalux offers an unbeatable hazardous location lighting solution to Oil & Gas producers.  

mlti-optical pattern Nemalux industrial luminaires such as the MR series can significant reduce the cost of industrial walkway lighting. By choosing the correct optical profile, distance between luminaires can be increased significantly, reducing the number of luminaires required to illuminate the walkway
Nemalux industrial luminaires are used throughout the railway industry from railyard illumination, to maintenance lighting to tunnel illumination

Calgary is also Western Canada’s distribution hub, with road networks, CP and CN railyards. In railway transportation, clients have installed Nemalux luminaires, leveraging price competitiveness, long life, high lumens, compactness and hazardous location certifications to light kilometers of tunnels and large railyards. Nemalux offers custom solutions for transportation applications as well, such as custom signal lighting for the City of Calgary public transit’ “Transit Priority” program.

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