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Nemalux is represented in the midwest US by AM Engineered Sales, based in Cincinnati, OH, the Buckeye state. The Cincinnati metro, with its 2.2 million residents is the largest economy of the state. A number of Fortune 500 companies make Cincinnati their home. Kroger, the largest US supermarket chain is headquartered in Cincinnati and is one of it’s largest employer with 21,000 employees. Procter & GambleDHL, and General Electric Global Operations are all based in Cincinnati. The Harvard / US government cluster-map shows Cincinnati’s economic strengths. Nemalux products and services are well aligned with a number of industries in the midwest including aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, metalwork, downstream chemicalspaper and packaging.  

Cincinnati is located in the state of Ohioan advanced industrial state that has the 8th highest GDP of all states, is the second largest auto manufacturing state and third largest general manufacturing state. It currently has the fastest-growing midwestern economic capital based on percentages. Ohio’s central midwest location is supported by the nation’s 10th largest highway network50% of the US population and 70% of the US manufacturing capacity is within one day’s reach by automobileFamous brands such as Procter & GambleGoodyear TiresAbercrombie & FitchWendy’s and Owen Corning call Ohio their home, as well as sports teams such as the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals. Ohio, once part of a thriving Factory Belt that devolved into the Rust Belt, experienced major manufacturing decline from the late 60’s to the late 90’s. But manufacturing is experiencing a revival of late. After 35,000 factory jobs were lost from plant closures of Goodrich, Firestone and General Tire in Akron, Goodyear worked with Akron University that resulted in seeding 400 new polymer manufacturing businesses. Companies such as Goodyear have worked with local government and local businesses  to help reshore and revive manufacturing Those efforts are beginning to pay off. In 2016, Ohio’s GDP was assessed at $626 billion, the seventh largest of all states.  

Being located in Ohio, AM Engineered Sales is ideally located at the hub of the Midwest, and able to serve all the surrounding states.  AMES represents Nemalux in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, & West Pennsylvania

Being a major transportation state and hub, road and rail transportation industry play a key role in Ohio’s economy. To the north, it is defined by the shoreline of Lake Erie,  and its many cargo ports are part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway system. Nemalux industrial products can help solve many transportation problems in rail, roadshipping and intermodal terminalsNemalux luminaires are marine-grade lighting products that are certified to UL1598A  and triple coated to provide superior protection in corrosive marine environments. The Midwest Regional Rail Initiative involves nine states employing 3,000 miles of railway and a spoke and hub configuration to connect urban and rural regions.  Rail yard lighting poses a number of challenges with moving cars, switches and workers on the ground. Nemalux  keeps safety a top priority while providing efficient, effective lighting design and Canadian made solutions that will stand up to the most challenging environments. Railway tunnel projects across North America have also made use of Nemalux luminaires. Many kilometers of railway tunnels are illuminated with Nemalux luminaires.  

The midwest is known as the “land of farms”. Early settlers settled in this region because of the rich natural soils. It is one of the most fertile farming areas on the planet, consisting of corn, wheat, and dairy belts. Corn and soybean are agricultural staples of the Midwest but recent unpredictable weather and climate have made for a challenging agricultural industry. Midwest farm belts have turned into brown beltsStill, the region has a significant agricultural GDP, as reflected in the number of grain silos there, the most of any US region.  Nemalux hazardous location lighting products, with their Class I, div 2 ratings are ideal for lighting silos and other enclosed areas with high concentrations of explosive dust. 

Meanwhile, manufacturing is staging a revival by reinventing itself into advanced, diversified industries such as the Goodyear supported polymer industry, or Indiana’s incentives wooing 1000 new foreign-owned firms, creating 193,000 new jobs and a 300% increase in FDI since 2016. Fiat Chrysler is also investing for the future of Michigan with the biggest investment in a decade, $4.5 billion to build plants for next generation hybridsAM Engineered Sales is centrally located in Ohio to serve neighboring midwest states such as Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Philadelphia as the Midwest undergoes yet another historic economic transformation. 

Nemalux luminaires are well suited to serve traditional agricultural and advanced manufacturing operations alike. Our many certifications for harsh manufacturing environments, such as IP 66/67 ratings, hazardous location certification, NSF, Dark Sky compliance, and UL1598A means we have a luminaire for almost any kind of industrial application, from farm storage silos to transportation hubs and tunnels to manufacturing. 

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