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Nemalux is located in Denver, Colorado

Nemalux Denver Sales Office

1560 Broadway, STE 1600, Denver, CO, 80202

+1 (877) 636-2589

Global Reach

Nemalux is strategically positioned to provide integrated product solutions and services to customers worldwide. We recognize that the world is changing and with change comes opportunity. We embrace the chance to be on the ground in emerging, profitable markets; the opportunity to work with an indigenous and skilled workforce; the opportunity to better serve our global customers; and the opportunity to leverage the cost benefits of being both an efficient global supplier for our clients and working with a competitive supply base.

We are expanding our operations globally as well, specifically seeking opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in India, China and Central and South America, where long-term growth prospects are high. Agencies have been established in the most strategic areas to ensure that we remain close to our customers and competitive in the markets we serve.

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Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

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Nemalux Denver Sales Office

1560 Broadway, STE 1600, Denver, CO, 80202

+1 (877) 636-2589

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