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Nemalux is represented in the Southern US and portions of the Gulf Coast by Brady Waters, a dynamic automation company with headquarters located in Richardson, Texas, and offices in Dallas, Houston, nearby Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Nemalux offers petrochemical refineries in Houston class I div 1 (zone 1) LED lighting products, explosion-proof LED lighting products and class I div 2 (zone 2) LED lighting products for downstream applications. While not as well known as other industrial lighting brands, Nemalux is very competitive and can cross to almost any major brand, and offer many advantages. Nemalux’s new generation of LED luminaires such as the MR makes use of secondary optics to allow for the configuration of a large number of optical beam patterns. This allows clients the ability to purchase one hazardous location LED luminaire model that can be configured for countless applications. This solves a common purchasing problem – the need to stock multiple luminaire models, each for a separate lighting application in the refineryNemalux XRMR, and AR all offer multiple lighting and mounting configurations, making them some of the most versatile hazardous location luminaires on the market. Nemalux’s EXC series is one of the industry’s lowest profile explosion-proof Class I Div 1 (Zone 1) LED luminaires, making it possible to mount in space-constrained applications. The GS DC series of very low profile, linear, DC powered hazardous location luminaires are ideal for mounting in  Class I Div 2 panels.

XCANLED has been used to replace HPS lamps found in many O+G remote lighting operations including compression stations and ZLM, with up to 100,000 lumens per quad unit has been used to provide area lighting for nighttime operation.  

Complimenting the versatile mounting options of the XR, MR, and ARNemalux also offers a diverse range of structural mounts and turnkey LED packaged solutions including swivel pole mount, articulated mounts, and Bull Rail mount.

Factory assembled solutions are ready-to-install out of the package, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance and installation time and costsNew lighting practices that make use of new types of beam profiles can significantly reduce the number of luminaires required to light walkways, stairs, catwalks, and platforms found throughout refineries.  This adds up to significant cost savings.

Nemalux offers refiners value-added options typically not found with other hazardous location luminaire manufacturers. With potentially thousands of luminaires on one site, labor costs to maintain luminaires can quickly add up. When versatile Nemalux LED luminaires are used along with Nemalux’s flexible and innovative range of pole mounts,  this can dramatically reduce expensive maintenance time to change luminaires. 

Nemalux luminaires are installed in petrochemical refinery - We offers Texas engineering and O+G firms the best cost-performance ratio, hazardous location, industrial lighting solutions for walkways, platforms, staircases and ladders
mlti-optical pattern Nemalux industrial luminaires such as the MR series can significant reduce the cost of industrial walkway lighting. By choosing the correct optical profile, distance between luminaires can be increased significantly, reducing the number of luminaires required to illuminate the walkway
Lighting layout rendering of walkway lighting - Nemalux offers Texas engineering and O+G firms, petrochemical refineries the best cost-performance ratio hazardous location, industrial lighting solutions for walkways, platforms, staircases and ladders

Finally, Nemalux includes complimentary lighting design for any site, which can save on design timeTaken together, Nemalux offers an unbeatable hazardous location lighting solution to refiners.

The Gulf Coast is also home to a significant maritime and shipping industry. The 52 miles and 200 private companies that comprise the Port of Houston make it the US leader in foreign waterborne tonnage.  The maritime industry is a prime target market for Nemalux marine-grade luminaires. Houston and the entire Gulf Coast is a major intermodal hub with railways stretching across the US and Canada and bringing products to be refined and shipped out of Gulf Coast ports. Rail, truck, shipping transport, and refining are all interconnected. Both marine terminals and railyards and tunnels provide many use cases for Nemalux industrial lighting products. Rail, pipeline, and marine transport systems all intersect at intermodal Oil & Gas terminals dotted along the coast of Texas and Louisiana as the product is shipped from terrestrial to marine systems. Nemalux has provided many solutions to intermodal operators over the years. For marine applications, Nemalux provides marine grade lighting solutions that are certified to ABS lighting and UL 1598A marine standards for terminals, docks, wharf port, and offshore drilling applicationsNemalux’s rugged marine-grade LED luminaires are triple coated to provide superior protection in corrosive marine environments. Nemalux’s GS linear models are one of the few linear LED luminaires to meet the ABS standard.

Nemalux industrial luminaires are used throughout the railway industry from railyard illumination, to maintenance lighting to tunnel illumination

In railway transportationlighting projects have installed Nemalux luminaires, leveraging price competitiveness, long life, high lumens, compactness, and hazardous location certifications to light kilometers of tunnels and large railyardsNemalux offers custom solutions for transportation applications as well, such as custom signal lighting for the City of Calgary public transit’ “Transit Priority” program 

If your company is in the Houston area, or somewhere else in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma or Arkansas and you are interested to know how Nemalux products and solutions can help you solve your industrial lighting problems cost effectively,  

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Operable capacity in Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD) (credit: bicmagazine) 

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Products popular to Texas & Area

Products > Lighting > GS (AC)

An outdoor, industrial, water-tight (IP-66/67), linear, AC powered luminaire

Nemalux GS Series of Low Profile AC or DC Linear Industrial LED Luminaires is available in 4 Optional Lengths, marine, IP66/67 and hazardous location certified (class I div 2, c1d2)

Products > Lighting >MR

The MR Series is a versatile multi-purpose LED luminaire replacement for 75-250W HID fixtures

Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting

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