Hazardous Location & Explosion Proof LED Lights for Enclosures and Control Cabinets. 

Control Cabinet Lightingnemalux-gs-enclosure-application-600

Conducting routine tasks or troubleshooting issues inside an enclosure can be a challenge. Inadequate lighting is common for larger industrial facilities or on remote sites. Handheld lights can add delays and at times dangerous shadowing inside panels. An LED strip light creates an efficient way to light control cabinets.

Permanent lighting  installed at the top of a panel improves operator safety and accuracy. Hazardous location rated luminaires can be critical on dangerous worksites. 

Linear Enclosure Light nemalux-gs-series-led-linear-light-with-adjustable-mount-facing-two-ways-400

Installing hazardous location, CID2 rated linear light addresses this issue. The most popular hazardous location rated panel light in North America is the GS. Nemalux's GS operates on 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC or 120 Volts AC. It provides localized lighting where needed. These industrial strip lights simplify tasks and speed up critical processes.


Compact Class I, Division 1 Light nemalux-exc-series-led-explosive-proof-light-1-400

EXCs are one of the smallest CID1 explosion-proof LED light fixtures on the market. They are suitable for installation in confined areas needing a low-profile solution. The EXC provides illumination for dangerous workplaces to keep operators safe. Lighting up heavy duty control cabinets in extreme environments.

LED Panel Lights are available in 4 lengths



Nemalux GS lights are compact and durable. Designed as a hazardous location strip light, the GS is a great option for enclosures. All variants are factory sealed and supplied with a 3ft flying lead. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. Standard mounting brackets allow for 360-degree articulation. The housing provides a full cutoff preventing light from hitting the operates eyes.  




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