Lighting Layouts

Nemalux can assist you to perform site-wide lighting layout design for industrial plant sites, sports stadiums, transportation facilities, public urban spaces, warehouses and many other large lit spaces.

Provide us with your site or building plans and we can perform light renderings or false color studies to show you how your space will look with a specific LED lighting system installed and in operation.

Our light models will give you assurance that the LED luminaires we select will meet your design requirements.

Why Nemalux is the Right Choice:

  • We design and manufacture wavelength specific lighting systems
  • Team of lighting designers with a strong background in electronics, physics and mechanics
  • Proven ability to deliver highly engineered and customized solutions to our customers
  • Products that are certified to industry standards be it general use or hazardous location
  • Lighting systems that are designed and manufactured in North America under industry recognized quality standards

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Case Studies Featuring Lighting Layouts

Aircraft Hangar, Calgary International Airport

An infrastructure team needed to install outdoor lighting to their maintenance hangar’s exterior. Light colour temperature had to be specific as well have versatile angle control so lighting glare would not interfere with other planes on the nearby runway.

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Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

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