Solar Lighting Packages

Nemalux’s solar lighting packages are cost effective solutions for off grid locations.

In combining Nemalux’s high efficiency LED fixtures with solar panels,  we provide sustainable lighting solutions for a variety of applications.

Nemalux’s solar lighting packages can include our proprietary microprocessor, a power regulator, motion sensors, supervisory controls and light detectors.

The Complete Package

Nemalux’s solar packages have been used by our clients worldwide for many applications including security lighting, sign lighting, emergency lighting and general ambient lighting.

Our complete remote lighting systems include solar panels, battery backup systems, solar regulators, equipment enclosures and system mounting. Our custom-engineered solar packages are backed by an experienced technical staff.

Contact us with your specific application requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Developing countries
  • Signage
  • Cabins or remote residential buildings.
  • Parking lots
  • Pathways
  • Parks
  • Perimeter security
  • Any application where availability, cost, or timeline of new power supply is an issue.
  • Any location where the cost of digging trenches is too high
  • Any remote areas which lack grid connection – very remote assets, eco-sensitive landscapes, temporary or emergency installations, field operations

Required for Assessment:

  • What is your geographical location?
  • What is the lighting load?
  • Do you have a clear view of the sky?

Benefits of Solar-powered LED systems

  • No cost for excavation and trenching, including equipment and labor
  • No cost for underground cables, distribution and control panel
  • No cost for electrical installation and connection fees
  • No electric utility bill
  • Low maintenance cost

When to use Solar Lighting

There are a number of reasons the use of outdoor solar-powered lighting is on the rise.

Cost – as the cost of solar panels continues to drop and the cost of electric power continues to increase annually, solar-powered lighting is not just for very remote applications anymore. In the US, household electricity costs have been increasing at an average of 3% per annum and 15% over the decade between 2009 and 2019 [1]. As natural gas prices increase, electricity prices will follow.

Climate change – globally, lighting accounts for 15% of all electrical energy consumption and 5% of all carbon emissions [2]. Outdoor street and roadside luminaires are on all night. Coupled with legacy HID systems, the carbon emissions for lighting are high. Older generations of luminaires are also not Dark Sky compliant and waste up to 30% of radiated light into the night sky. Dark sky-compliant outdoor LED luminaires can save up to 70% of the current energy used for outdoor lighting [3].

Resiliency – Recently, climate change has brought about a significant increase in hurricane activity off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and wildfires on the west coast. As a result, power outages are occurring much more frequently, and grid-connected outdoor lighting is highly vulnerable to such disruptions.

These same savings also apply to industrial facilities. Extending outdoor lighting for a facility involves tradeoffs in capital and installation costs, resiliency, operating expense, and maintenance:

Table 1: Comparison between wired outdoor lighting vs solar-powered light

Variable Wired Lighting Solar-powered lighting
Trenching/excavation for buried cable Yes No
Electric utility costs Yes No
Armored cable Yes No
Solar panel, battery, charger No Yes
Resiliency Low High
Maintenance High Low

A whole new lighting sector, solar-powered lighting has sprung up over the past few years as cities begin to realize the significant amount of energy savings/decarbonization possible with solar-powered LED lighting. The majority of outdoor street lighting (90%) is some form of HID [4].


Individual luminaire LCA comparison Solar vs Grid-connected Luminaire

A recent LCA was done to compare solar-powered LED lighting, consisting of solar panel, battery, pole, charger, and mounting hardware vs conventional compact fluorescent and found that 10 years was the power consumption energy payback period, while 1.55 years was the carbon emission payback period [5]. After these time periods have been exceeded, solar-powered LED lighting outperforms conventional lighting. This study only includes the fixtures and poles and excludes trenching and cabling costs.


Solar Lighting vs Grid-connected Lighting System

A lighting system of solar-powered LED luminaires may cost 30% more than an on-grid system, even if trenching and cabling are included, however, the savings in electricity costs and maintenance costs quickly add up. The financial payback period for a solar-powered lighting system can occur as little as three years.


Nemalux Solar Lighting Systems

If you have a potential solar lighting application, don’t hesitate to call us. We can provide you with a complimentary, no-obligation lighting layout to help you decide if our design solutions will meet your design goals including lumens level, color rendering, autonomy, efficiency, and environmental conditions. If you are considering a solar lighting system, we can help you calculate your payback period, taking into consideration projected electricity and maintenance costs. To make your life easy, Nemalux provides easy-to-install, turnkey solar lighting systems that include solar panels, mounting hardware, pole, battery, battery charger, and regulators, housing. Nemalux also has the in-house capacity to provide you with custom solutions and contract manufacturing.



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