NASA Ames Research Center

NASA Ames Research Center Wind Tunnel Project: Confined Space Lighting

One of the more challenging applications for lighting systems is the illumination of confined spaces. Such a challenge was presented to the Nemalux team by members of the NASA Ames Research Center. Built in 1956, the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California is an impressive example of engineering and design. As part of the continuous improvement program, the facility has been testing a variety of LED systems to increase existing light levels, decrease maintenance cost and improve visibility for a wide range of cameras and sensors.

After a meticulous evaluation process the XCANLED and GSLED fixtures have been selected for the project. Currently the Wind Tunnel Division is using the XCANLED flood lights to provide general illumination inside the tunnel and linear low profile GSLED lights are replacing fluorescent fixtures inside the confined space surrounding the tunnel. In contrast with most options that have been evaluated, the Nemalux flood lights are able to maintain optimal case temperature when exposed to the low pressure environment of the Wind Tunnel during normal operation. Special considerations where given to the lens selection for the linear lights. While preventing excessive glare, the GSLEDlinear lights deliver exceptionally high quality light, allowing operators close proximity without experiencing glare discomfort. The low voltage operation of both fixtures provides additional safety to the NASA personnel and removes the dangers associated with high voltage lines in confined spaces.

In addition to improving overall visibility, decreasing power consumption and eliminating the need for frequent maintenance, the upgraded lighting is impact resistant to prevent accidental damage, which can accrue with conventional fluorescent tubes.


Nemalux fixtures met the needs of NASA’s wind tunnel facility. Permanent installment on this project showcases Nemalux’s commitment to industrial design, research and innovative products.

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