In 2009 in cooperation with an Oil & Gas group, Nemalux designed fixtures for installation in a remote compressor site.  The installation consists of several white LED flood lights (XCANLED-DC) and colour changing LED flood lights that serve as an early H2S warning system.

Nemalux provided a sophisticated control panel that receives information from the H2S sensors, interprets the readings and translates the different parts per million levels into pre-programmed light signals.  Colour changing flood lights (XCANLED) were installed inside and outside of the facility to provide an advanced warning system for the site operator.  The exterior lights were outfitted with a frosted shroud (as can be seen in the following images) to be highly visible to the operator before entering the danger zone.

Nemalux Emergency lighting was included in this installation (XCANLED). The XCANLED is set to a cool white colour if there is no alarm. When the alarm is triggered the cool white changes to a red colour. The regular lighting system can share the same electrical infrastructure as the emergency backup system thereby reducing the installation costs of two completely separate systems. The decisive factors in the realization of the project where the robust and vibration proof Nemalux design as well as the longevity of a fixture which can operate under challenging conditions (-40 to +85 Degree Celsius ambient temperature) for over 10 years at 24 hours a day maintenance free.

The overall success of the installation and the satisfaction of the site operator has been very encouraging and has sparked our interest in pursuing similar installations for other Oil & Gas producers.

Although the XCANLED are user configurable, these are some examples of transition set points:

  • 0-1V – 0-4mA -White 100%
  • 2V – 8mA – White 75% Amber 25%
  • 2.5V – 10mA – Blue 50% Amber 50%
  • 3V – 12mA – Blue Flashing -16 pulses per minute
  • 3.5V – 14mA – Blue Flashing – 96 pulses per minute
  • 4V – 16mA – Blue Flashing – 190 pulses

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