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Projects like this demand unique lighting solutions that address site-specific challenges. Savanna Drilling & Well Servicing engaged our in-house lighting design team to create a lighting plan that included the number of fixtures, rotation, and tilt for optimal well-site illumination.


Operator safety and overall visibility on remote lease drill sites are substantially improved with the right lighting approach. Especially in a harsh and hazardous workplace.

Conducting drilling operations during the night is not easy. Inadequate illumination and excessive contrast between different zones create safety risks. Conventional approaches include installing light towers and modular building-mounted luminaires to achieve target light levels in certain areas. This approach falls short of delivering even the minimum recommended lighting level for the site.


High-output, optically-controlled floodlights mounted at the top of the drilling rig deliver 360-degree coverage. Positioning LED floodlights at such an elevated mounting location reduces the potential for glare, increases visibility throughout the site, and substantially reduces maintenance and rental costs.

  • Improved Site Safety
  • Better Visibility in all weather conditions
  • Reduced Maintenance with Superior Product Reliability
  • Dark Sky Compliance and reduced light trespass
  • Lower Cost, Faster Delivery, Greater Support

Efficient illumination supports worker safety, reduces environmental impact, and promotes undisrupted operations. Have your site supervisor reach out and discuss your industrial lighting needs today.


Nemalux's AR LED Luminaire is a versatile light fixture for harsh and hazardous location use. With a high-lumen output package, the AR delivers exceptional illumination. This fixture survives long-term exposure to contaminated environments. Rigorous cleaning routines do not impact the AR housing and lens.


Nemalux’s ZLM-2 LED Luminaires is a modular LED luminaire system designed for mounting heights of 30 to 160 feet. Featuring one of the best lumens per-pound ratios in the outdoor lighting segment. Its configurations allow for a lumen output ranging from 28,000 (single) to 112,000 (quad). Incorporating versatility and durability in a single package.