Contract Manufacturing

Nemalux & CRS Electronics take things to the extreme, creating solutions that withstand the harshest environments to cater for a multitude of different industry needs.

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Control Panels

Our project & engineering department design and manufacture cost-effective control panels for commercial, industrial and hazardous locations.

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Custom Mounting

Our brackets can be used even in the most challenging environments including marine, high vibration, and hazardous locations along with architectural mounting brackets.

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Our IP68 encapsulated fixtures can be submerged for underwater service and in extreme operating conditions.

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High Mast Lighting

Nemalux provides industrially hardened high mast lighting solutions for the harshest environments.

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Lighting Audits

Nemalux offers complimentary no obligation lighting audit services for industrial, commercial, architectural and residential sites.

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Lighting Layouts

We perform site-wide lighting layout design for industrial plant sites, sports stadiums, transportation facilities, public urban spaces, warehouses and many other large lit spaces.

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Marine Lighting

Marine applications require lighting equipment that can withstand harsh aqueous and atmospheric saltwater corrosion.

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Pole & Mount Supply

As a part of our turnkey solution, Nemalux can provide standard and custom poles to meet your project requirements.

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Solar Lighting Packages

Nemalux’s solar lighting packages are cost effective solutions for off grid locations.

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Custom Projects / OEM

Nemalux’s industrial engineering services provide exceptional Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and customization solutions.

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Nemalux takes pride in designing and manufacturing industry leading industrial and hazardous location outdoor LED lighting solutions.

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Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

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