The versatile XR combines several optical profiles with maximum mounting flexibility.

Reducing power consumption and increasing lighting efficiency saves 50-75% of energy costs. Resulting in increased productivity, with light levels complimenting the age of the workforce.

This hazardous location floodlight has an output that ranges from 8,000 to 20,000 lumens. It replaces existing 200-400 Watt HIDs. Furthermore, eight mounting options offer increased installation flexibility.

XR Key Features:

  • Targeted and directional illumination with reduced light wastage​
  • Reduced max to min light level ratio for increased visual comfort​
  • Superior solid-state LED technology offers extended system life ​
  • Substantially higher lumen per watt values compared to HIDs ​
  • Surge suppressor options for installations in high-risk areas​
  • Thermal load separation between LEDs and power supply​
  • Field serviceable light engines and power supply
  • Built-in junction area for simplified termination​


Customized lighting without the need for a custom light fixture!​

  • Standard 5,000K color temperature or a special order ranging from 2,700-6,500K​
  • Many optical distribution patterns for superior lighting quality​
  • Specialized mounting hardware for unique projects


Hazardous Location Floodlight features​Nemalux's XR is a heavy-duty light fixture for industrial applications. Certified for installation in marine, harsh, & hazardous locations.

All variants of the XR product family are available for 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC. Secondary optics provide an IP66 seal against dust and water. Optional accessories include:

  • Diverse mounting brackets
  • Pre-wired installation kits
  • Surge suppressors
  • Safety cables
  • Custom-designed hardware to mate with existing structures


Durable By Design

  • Suitable for marine, harsh, and hazardous location use​
  • Approved for through-wiring of several units on a single circuit​
  • Certified for Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2 hazardous locations​
  • Dark sky (IDA) listed models for XR models for sensitive environments


8,000 – 20,000 Lumen Multi-functional Floodlight

The XR is a versatile LED fixture designed for applications in extreme environments. Thermal load separates the power supply and LEDs. This feature permits use in high ambient temperature locations. Lightweight and low-profile aluminum housing for ease of installation. High-efficiency optical design for improved illumination.

8,000 – 20,000 Lumen Multi-functional Floodlight​  The XR is a versatile LED fixture designed for applications in extreme environments.