GS Shield      Durable modular dock/pier lighting system

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  • Ships pre-assembled and ready-to-install
  • Modular dock/pier lighting system
  • Wide metal mounting bracket to prevent light pollution from entering the water
  • Includes small IP66 JB supporting daisy-chain wiring
  • U-bolt mounting

Rapidly Deployable Lighting Support Structures

The GS Shield lighting system uses a GS-AC linear LED luminaire and a wide horizontal mounting bracket that fastens onto the bull rail of a dock or pier for long lengths of daisy-chained pier/dock lighting.

Technical Specifications – TBD

Technical Specifications of Nemalux Bullrail-GS Series Bullrail-mounted Low Profile Linear Luminaires, marine and hazardous location certified (class I div 2, c1d2)


Nemalux industrial luminaires have been designed to operate in a wide variety of extreme environmental conditions – temperature, moisture, hazardous locations, etc. Our entire design toolbox is available for custom design. In some cases, all that is required is a small design change of an existing off-the-shelf luminaire, and in others, a completely new design. Nemalux can handle the entire design spectrum.
We’ll do the heavy lifting for you with a turnkey approach that keeps you engaged at every step of the process, from concept to finished product. Our deep experience with UL, CSA, hazardous location, NSF, IDA, and many other industry-standard certifications ensures your end-users will receive a luminaire that meets the highest industry quality and safety standard.

Nemalux Customization

We welcome low volume, specialized bespoke applications and handle all inquiries on a case-by-case basis for feasibility. We have the flexibility to handle small production runs and the experience, infrastructure, and supply chain to handle large ones numbering in the tens of thousands of units or more.

We work with clients to develop lighting models for the specified design. Detailed renderings of products and light studies assure requirements are met prior to prototyping. After prototyping, measured performance is compared to lighting models and any differences are noted and fed back into the iterative design process for design refinement.

For more complex bespoke designs, the prototype stage is important to validate that the client’s design actually meets all its specified design objectives. This is especially important when dealing with operating a luminaire within the novel and extreme environmental parameters that have not been implemented before. We work with you to build a working prototype that incorporates as many of the novel final functions as possible. Features that Nemalux has high confidence of working in the final production model are not tested at this stage and merely incorporated in the standard industrial design phase.

Take advantage of our years of manufacturing expertise, global lighting supply chain, and industrial design knowledge of extreme environments to tailor a bespoke solution for your application. If you are ready to inquire, fill out our detailed custom lighting design form

Adjustable Mounting Bracket of Nemalux GS Series of Low Profile Linear Industrial LED Luminaires

Easy 360° angle adjustment with 3mm Hex Key.

Lighting layout simulation of Nemalux Bullrail-GS-2 linear industrial LED luminaire mounting on dock bullrail - marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) certified

Built for wet and marine locations.

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