Drilling Rig Floodlights

Operator safety and overall visibility on remote lease sites can be substantially improved by implementing a comprehensive lighting strategy that accounts for the unique challenges present at such a harsh workplace.

While inadequate illumination and excessive contrast between different zones have been linked to major challenges on lease sites that are conducting drilling operations during the night, addressing this issue remains relatively challenging. Conventional approaches that include a large number of light towers and modular building-mounted luminaires can achieve target light levels in certain areas but are falling short of delivering minimum recommended levels throughout the site.

Providing even illumination with relatively low max. to min. ratios for sites that are commonly re-organized with each move is best accomplished by supplementing the conventional approach with high output and optically controlled floodlights mounted at the top of the drilling rig and distributed evenly to deliver 360° coverage. Positioning LED floodlights at such an elevated mounting location reduces the potential for glare, increases visibility throughout the site as well as substantially reduces maintenance and rental costs.

Product Number: ZLM2-50-N-GY-GN-AC-S    C/W ZLM2-YM

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Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved c/w slip fitter yoke mount (AR-SFY)

Outcome of the Solution

(Why Choose Nemalux?)

  • Improved Site Safety
  • Better Visibility in all weather conditions
  • Reduced Maintenance with Superior Product Reliability
  • Dark Sky Compliance and reduced light trespass
  • Lower Cost; Faster Delivery; Greater Support

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