Nemalux Industrial on the CN Tower

Industrial and extreme locations can be found right in the middle of your city! This time the extreme site was 1,815 feet high where freezing rainstorms and hail wreak havoc. Wind speeds are often 100 km per hour, and an object can reach up to 195 km per hour, falling from this height.




Nemalux came onto the project because of our long history and experience in extreme engineering, high-quality products, and our unmatched safety record. Some of our engineer’s main concerns for this project were:

  • High vibrations could loosen “regular” mounting options from “regular” fixtures without an alternate and improved mounting design.
  • Potential falling objects may occur without lanyards with built-in ways to quickly inspect the fixture.
  • Golf ball size hail can dent and damage standard lighting fixtures without a minimum design standard and aluminum thickness.
  • Pressure changes are calculated to be a maximum of 5 PSI. Regular fixtures will “suck” in moisture and damage the LED fixture unless there is a designed pressure equalization method built into the luminaire.
  • The replacement costs in extreme locations can be high, so the lifetime and thermal management of the fixtures needed to be designed “conservatively” compared to regular outdoor fixtures.

Our ZLM LED fixtures were a fantastic option for high mast lighting in this excellent extreme location.

*Only the high lumen spotlights in the labeled circle are Nemalux ZLM fixtures 


EdgeWalk is CN Tower’s most thrilling attraction in its history, and the first of its kind in North America.

ZLM Industrial Features:

  • Water tight
  • Redundant systems and advanced thermal management for extreme reliability
  • Thermal foldback for high temperature environments
  • High brightness: up to 28,800 lm per module
  • Wide range of optical profiles
  • Lightweight & modular design
  • Small form factor for reduced wind loading
  • -40 to +45°C operating range
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Impact tested to 7J impact energy at -45°C, in excess of IK08 Standards
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