At mid-day, the sun supplies 10,000 to 25,000 lux of light to an oil & gas site. Since oil & gas sites operate on a 24-hour basis, safe operations depend on area lighting during the hours of darkness. For six years Nemalux has been providing leading-edge LED lighting systems for the energy sector. In compliance with ENFORM’s recently published Lease Lighting Guideline, Nemalux’s lighting systems enhance operability and safety when natural sunlight is not available.

“Not everyone understands that there is an oil & gas industry guideline for lighting”, says Jode Himann, CEO of Nemalux. In an outdoor environment, it is far too easy for light to be diffused or scattered which reduces its effectiveness and increases operational costs. Effective area lighting puts the right lux level of light where it is needed. Using the latest LED technology, Nemalux’s engineers develop lighting solutions that are customized to the lighting requirements at each site.

“While luminance is important, it is not the only factor we consider when we engineer our lighting systems” explains Jode. “During night time operation, good colour rendering is important so that workers can differentiate colours and hazard identification.” Properly engineered lighting systems enhance overall areal perspective and visibility while minimizing glare and shadowing. When you improve the quality of light, you improve safety, task performance, and productivity.

Providing light for temporary or isolated work sites presents unique challenges. The climate, the potentially explosive environment, maintenance and the amount of electricity available for lighting are all factors to consider. “This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors” explains Jode. “We use ENFORM as our guideline and we design, engineer and manufacture rugged and reliable products & solutions that are certified to work in the oil & gas environment.”

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Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

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