Upgrading lights for a HazLoc Warehouse 

Potentially dangerous conditions when storing or processing flammable chemicals can be avoided by upgrading general location-rated legacy or current LED luminaires with hazardous location rated light fixtures.

Exposure of conventional or LED luminaires to explosive gases and vapours can create a dangerous situation in a warehouse setting If the use of hazardous location luminaires is not part of the overall safety strategy. In extreme cases, this can lead to fires and explosive incidents.

Detailed lighting designs using the AR & XR Series can provide safe illumination within unique environments. Both products are certified for hazardous locations where explosive gases and dust may be present. Each fixture is fully sealed and watertight while maintaining 100% field serviceability.

Lighting Design

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Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved c/w hook pendant mount (AR-HK)

Outcome of the Solution

(Why Choose Nemalux?)

  • Improved Site Safety
  • Better Visibility in all weather conditions
  • Reduced Maintenance with Superior Product Reliability
  • Dark Sky Compliance and reduced light trespass
  • Lower Cost; Faster Delivery; Greater Support

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