Industrial Compressor Site

The feasibility of using LED light fixtures at this oil and gas site was investigated, with a consideration given to several factors including energy savings, low maintenance costs, comparable capital costs and the safety of low voltage DC.

The low energy requirements of high brightness LEDs could result in substantial energy savings. Current electricity costs in this area are approximately $0.08/kWhr. At this price it only cost $4.20 to operate one 6W LED fixture 24 hours a day for an entire year. In comparison a single 150W HPS fixture would cost $105.00 to operate for the same time. Therefore 25 LED fixtures could be operated with the energy from a single HPS fixture.

Reduced maintenance costs can also lead to long term savings. Current HPS and MH fixtures have a lamp lifespan of approximately 3 years; LED fixtures have an expected lifespan of 10 years or more. Replacement parts in a conventional light fixture include lamps, ballast, and socket, with the typical lifespan of the ballast and socket around 10 years. LED fixtures would potentially need either new LEDs or a new driver circuit, but both have an expected lifespan of 22 years. Comparing these two, the maintenance costs are significantly higher in the conventional light fixture due to the higher frequency of maintenance required.

Performing maintenance on LED fixtures would also be safer for two reasons, lower voltage Direct Current (DC), and lighter, smaller fixtures. A shock hazard is present at 120V AC, which is the most common voltage for lighting at these sites (other voltages include 277V AC and 347V AC). LED lights use a DC voltage which is inherently free of shock hazard. This makes performing maintenance safer. The small physical size of the LED fixture is also an advantage; some conventional fixtures can weigh in excess of 30lbs, while LED fixtures only weigh a couple of pounds. This makes removing fixtures from ceilings or walls for maintenance much safer for the worker.

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