Lighting Mobile Rig Support & Maintenance Trailers

The client, a recognized leader in mobile industrial equipment, designs and produce trailers that are specialized for use in the oil & gas industry. Efficient, bright, rugged lighting is crucial for such equipment to ensure workplace safety and dependable operation in remote locations and under a range of climate conditions.

Main lighting considerations:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Electricity usage was a concern for the designers. Luminaires that were energy efficient would be given preference.
  • DC battery powered, low voltage lighting was a requirement.
  • Winter operation and maintenance. Average daily winter temperature is about -15C but the temperature has been recorded as low as -40C.
  • Low maintenance. Lighting must tolerate the vibration of engines operating within the trailer.
  • Ability to switch between white light (for day operation) to red light (for night operation).
  • Conventional outdoor lighting (HPS, HID) is cost-effective compared to most alternatives. However, conventional lighting tolerates vibration, low temperatures and winter elements to varying degrees depending on the technology used. Lamp replacement is a concern, especially when operating in remote locations.
  • Nemalux’s GSLEDIP36 technology produces high-quality light which is brighter than conventional lighting. Due to its solid state design, LEDs are inherently more efficient, more resistant to vibration and last longer than conventional lighting alternatives.

Nemalux was selected as the vendor of choice based on its custom engineering capabilities and key features of its GSLEDIP36 luminaire that appealed to the owners.

  • Power savings – the GSLEDIP36 is a cost viable alternative to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures.
  • Low maintenance requirements – lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Vibration resistant due to its solid state design.
  • Ideal for heavy automotive applications where low voltage 12/24VDC is the power source.
  • Operating temperature range from -40C to +85C.
  • Rated IP54 (Ingress Protection).
  • Powder coated extruded aluminium housing.
  • Luminaires can be provided with a frosted lens where required to decrease glare from reflective surfaces and computer screens.
  • Linear LED lights illuminate and increase the conspicuity of the workspaces inside trucks and operator cabins.

The service trailer is divided into 3 modules, each with a specific function. Therefore fixtures were selected according to the lighting intensity requirement of each module.

After testing, the manufacturer standardized the GSLEDIP36 luminaire in 3 foot (911 mm) lengths. Cool white LED light was selected for day operation and red LED light for night operation.

From the client:

“They are plenty bright. Even though there are fewer red LEDs than white, they are very bright. It’s a little startling when the white is switched directly to red. Thanks to the Nemalux team for all your help.”

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Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.

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