Manitouwadge Municipal Airport

The Manitouwadge Municipal Airport is a small airport serving the community of Manitouwage (pop 3000) located in northern Ontario.

In 2012 a project was initiated to upgrade the Manitouwadge Municipal Airport. The project includes the upgrade of the airports remote lighting system.

Main considerations for lighting improvement:

  • The airport operator was looking for a lighting product that was more power efficient than the HPS lights currently being used at the airport terminal building. They were looking for an LED solution with close to 20,000 Lumen output.
  • The operators were looking for a way to improve the nighttime visibility on the security camera recordings.
  • Year round operation and maintenance. Winter temperatures can reach as low as -45C while summer temperatures are generally 20C to 30C.
  • Low maintenance. Lighting must tolerate the vibration of nearby planes landing and taking off.
  • Conventional outdoor lighting (HPS, HID) are cost-effective compared to most alternatives. However, they tolerate vibration, low temperatures and winter elements to various degrees depending on the technology used. HPS lamps produce a yellowish light as opposed to white light.
  • Nemalux’s RS luminary produces over 18000 Lux of high-quality light. In contrast to conventional area lighting, it provides better overall areal perspective, conspicuity and visibility. Due to its solid state design, LEDs are inherently low maintenance, energy efficient, and last longer than conventional lighting alternatives.
  • Nemalux’s RSs was selected for a 60-day trail run.
  • One RS luminaire was installed on the roof of the airport terminal building. The light’s spill helps to illuminate the surrounding tarmac and is controlled by in-coming aircraft.

Initial customer response:

….Looks good, bright even in the daytime….

After the 60-day trial run was completed, the customer purchased the RS luminaire and is now looking at other areas of the airport where Nemalux’s LED lights could be used to replace existing lights.

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An industrial LED light, approved for wet locations (IP65), Class 1 Division 2 and Class 2 Division 1.

Nemalux RS Series extreme vibration, industrial LED luminaire for area lighting, with marine, IP66 and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) certifications
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